Binder sets

When you guys do binder sets does anyone put in an info card to tell about the set or special cards in the collection? I’m thinking of doing this so pictures would be nice if anyone does it.


nope but maybe will now. cool idea.

Do you have an example of what you’re thinking? I am collecting the master set Japanese base through e-series, all my cards are in binders. I have the spines numbered and added labeled tabs for each set. This makes it easy to cross-reference in a giant excel sheet to see what I am missing and where it belongs.

I never thought of having info cards, though. I’m excited to see an example of what you mean, might have to add it to mine!


If you were using a 3 ringed binder, it would be cool to insert pages from Scott’s PSA articles.

What do you mean? Stuff to put in the outside pockets?

What kind of binders are you using in these photos? They look pretty high quality, and I may need to get myself some.

No, I was thinking about using a scan of an energy card, since my collection is energies, for the background and typing out info about the set. Especially for the promo cards, like how they were distributed or won. Something like that, and slipped into a pocket. Help to know about the set and separate them from each other. I thought it would help to make the set more interesting, to know some facts about it.

Slipped into what pocket?

Just one of the inside page pockets between different sets.

Oh. So not a part of the binder itself. Your talking about a full page sheet/page that you put on the binder ring and between sets?

I was just going to make it the size of a card, I have a portfolio, not a 3 ring binder so I can’t make it bigger.

Ultra PRO Pro-Binder Premium Pikachu edition (also available in multiple colors without Pikachu on it)

I can recommend them. Great quality!


I use the Legion Dragon Hide portfolio. I love the look and the quality is excellent.

Yep this is the one, I love them!

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Here is an example of what I thought about doing in between sets. I got the info from Bulbapedia. Any suggestions or places to get more info would be appreciated.


In my three ring binder sets I have a full page description about the set in-between sets. But I’m going to be moving everything to a zipfolio binder soon so I will have to do the single card example like you showed. Thanks for sharing that! It looks super nice and gave me a good starting ground to go off of.