BGS 10 Pristine Charizard CD Promo 1998 Holo

I see one on ebay for 5000 dollars, there are only 6 pristine cards out there. Any idea about a realistic price of this card in bgs10?
Also any idea why this card in psa10 is only worth 250$, is it so unpopular or did they produce 1 billion of those? in my opinion, this is one of the if not the most beautiful artwork of charizard ever.

They produced one billion of these :laughing:


aaah shit haha

And many of those PSA 10s would be BGS 10s if submitted that way.

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Check the pop report for 10 and you will see why its not higher. I think even 250$ is high for how high the pop is but what do I know

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what a shame actually. imagine if they produced like millions of easy gradable shadowless 1st ed charizards. that’s how i feel right now, because i like this one card more than a 1st shadowless charizard. oh come on haha


I’ll never understand the sentiment of thinking they made too many cards too mint of an artwork that I enjoy.


i look at it as a seller. i love it, i got it already in psa10 and mint in my personal collection which is not for sale. but i also got some of those in raw mint which i sell now.

There are 5,156 PSA 10 CD Promo Charizards.

For perspective, this means that for every PSA 10 1st edition Base Set Charizard there are 43 PSA 10 CD Promo Charizards.

I agree it’s a beautiful card.


I sold my BGS 10 CD promo for £365, auctioned on eBay last week.

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Pretty sure Gary submitted 5000 of these to psa back in the day



I sold one of these last week. They’re usually pretty cheap.

True…it might have been 5000 of each starter can’t remember lol

Do you own a BGS 10 CD promo Charizard?..

Because this thread gives me that vibe.

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This card in psa 10 is over 300$. How is this possible?

Uninformed buyers seeing a vintage PSA 10 Charizard for cheap and thinking it’s a good deal?

A hecking lot of demand.