Bet you never pulled this card;)

Has anybody here ever pulled the error fist Diglett? If so, tell me the story of when and from where…

Yes, it was from a starter deck back in 1999. My brother and I got them at toysrus right when they became available in our area.

Absolutely right Scott. They were a quick rerun and the starters contents were all wrapped together in shrink wrap like a brick.
Crazy me…like with everything else back then, I saved 8 sealed boxes and now I’m wondering how to market them and if there’d be any premium value. I think there’s three error digletts in each box.

Interesting find Gary! I honestly believe you’d have more success selling them opened with the Diglett’s graded or advertised as mint etc.

I would assume you would be hard pressed to sell a starter deck while advertising that they contain the error Diglett. To anyone else, it could just be any regular starter deck.

Hmmm…you could be right. I’d hate to open them though cause there are sealed product collectors and for sure they don’t have this one. Then again you can’t prove the errors are in there without looking and cracking the brick open. I know for sure cause I had 2 cases and opened a box in each one and found the errors.

Scott’s the first person I found who knew about the origin of the fist diglett.

I never seen one, picture please?

Here’s a picture:

As you can see, the fist on the Fighting energy symbol is sideways for the Dig attack.

Hahaha I remember trading some kid for this card back in 1999/2000 at a pokemon leauge :blush: It is one of my favories as it is such bizarre error. Does anyone know how this error occured?

I would never notice that error, I could have had several without ever noticing.
Error cards are so tricky…

I don’t have a picture but I can explain it.

Consider if you opened a starter and took all the individually sealed items out and lumped them together into a brick and air sealed them into a thicker plastic shell (thicker than the cello seal on the outside). That’s what you’d have. There was no white section devider like in all other starters.
They were obviously scrambling to meet the demand.
Next time if I open one ill take a picture for you…

So how can one tell which starter deck contains the error? Do you have to open it to see if the section divider is there?

This’ll seem a little anal but back then I noticed there was a slightly different sound when you shook them. I got good at recognizing that very subtle difference. Prior to that I simply opened one in the case and if they were the error packs I tucked the rest away knowing they would all be the same.
Plus…here’s a secret just between us;) they were shadowless starter boxes with all shadowed cards inside…including the Machamp.

Makes sense that the error would have been among the very first shadowed cards (since the box had shadowless wrapping it’s clear they had just switched over).

I heard the Ghost Pikachu Error was also from a starter deck, can you confirm that Gary? I know base Blastoise error was from packs. I have heard stories of the Ninetales error coming from both packs and starter decks. No clue about the Wartortle error

From what I’ve heard, the ghost Pikachu error was in some Zap! starter decks. Never knew about the Diglett so that is pretty interesting.

wasnt there also a diglett with a upside down energy as well

So they accidentally put a 1st stamped/ghost card in the zap decks? I heard this rumor before but didn’t know if it was ever confirmed.

I know I pulled some years ago from a theme deck but i dont recall from which one.

Ghost Pikachu? What error is that in the card?

Go to eBay and search Ghost Pikachu and you’ll see several examples of this great card…