No Symbol Jungle Errors in PSA 10

Does anybody here own any of these cards in PSA 10?
Please let me know and which one.

I understand these were tough graders:(

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Very tough. only have one or two myself which could even have a chance at 9 or 10. Centering and corners were issues.

Hey Bags.

I need
#4 Joltean
#10 Scyther
#15 Vile plume

I was building a PSA 10 set for a customer and he quit only one card away. It took two years:(
Now I need those three to complete mine.

So nobody on our site here has a PSA 10 no symbol?

Zelda go ask gem mint pokemon. He created an account a few months back.i know he has several 9s and possibly some 10s.

There’s nearly 80 PSA jungle no symbols on ebay right now and ZERO 10s?
Doesn’t that seem odd?

it’s insane!
Jolteon is a bastard to get at a good price let alone PSA10 worthy.
All the best! It will be a very unique collection once you’re finished :blush:

I think someone at PSA might have a grudge against these cards. I watched one of The Charizard Authority’s PSA return videos recently, and the no symbol Jungle cards he submitted all got oddly low grades.

I had some real contenders on my last set, but PSA damaged or swapped out my cards(I have no idea why, but something happened). The Wigglytuff was the worst as it was wrecked. I have them on video being sent in and then when they returned. That was my 4th set being sent in and no 10’s

The 15 out of 16 set I built for a customer, as well as my 13/16 set all were out of Wizards replacement stock. They were cut ahead of the Jungle release when the blades were sharper. I never pulled a single 10 out of a pack.
I have doubles to trade for the three I need though so I hope someone comes up with one;)

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man… that’s freaking scary…

I have four PSA 10 No Symbol errors out of probably 80 or so that I’ve graded. 30+ were pulled out of packs. I also have 2 unopened error boxes from a WOTC employee who bought them during the print run. I’m looking to build a PSA 10 No Symbol set as well and would be interested in buying since your guy pulled out. I found a guy online with 20 No Symbol cards from Europe. He had the full set except Mr. Mime. Last I checked that was the only one with a POP of zero. He was willing to sell the extras including Jolteon etc., but he wanted $500 each and not a dollar less. I value them around the $200 mark each. I offered to trade, but he wanted a 1st edition base set charizard for his 6 extras (only trade he was open to).

Feel free to let me know.


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500 for each psa 10 no symbol holo? That sounds insanely expensive.

Yeah, I turned him down. Tried to trade, but a PSA 10 1st edition Charizard is not worth it at all. He said $500 was about the average price he paid between customs fees, etc. Seemed kind of crazy. I can’t imagine why he’d pay that much, and not just grade mint sets (<$125 each).

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Seconding this notion.

But then, that might be why the guy not taking a penny less than $500 still has them. Hahaha

Were these no-symbol cards only distributed in packs, or the starter decks as well?

If memory serves me right, they were also distributed in some of the starter decks as well.

Ive been focused on these cards since 1999 but never saw or heard of one coming from a theme deck.

The guy you were dealing with bought all his PSA10 no symbols from me plus I recently sold him the Mr Mime to complete his set. All but the Mr Mime were in the 275.00 range.
Which 10s do you have or if you’d like some let me know.

I was going based off of what I remembered from a discussion last year concerning not theme decks necessarily but the starter deck. I made the post prior to finding the thread but was now just able to locate it:

I replied on an assumption that I had remembered right, so I apologize. That was my bad.

However, there still seems to be a lot of mystery on whether or not the first starter decks ran with no-rarity symbols but it seems likely to say that, if one did, there’d be some evidence by now. Especially since, you generally being an expert on this kind of stuff, have not seen any.

Right, no symbol is the topic here not no rarity…