No-Rarity Japanese Base Set

Has anyone tried to PSA Grade any of these cards?
If so, would they be labeled differently?
Do they count as “1st Edition” since that’s what they kind of are?

I just got a Charizard authenticated and I marked it as No Rarity in variance. It came back with no variance. I’ve also got another order where I’ve sent in a letter asking them to label them differently with a bunch of reference images as well as information I’ve been able to gather up. If I’m able to change their position on the matter I’m sure people will find out as I’ll attempt to sell some of them, it wont’ be for a while thought as I sent it in a 45 day return.

Trying to convince them they’re 1st edition would be a very big challenge as there’s absolutely no PROOF that they’re 1st edition. There’s not even real PROOF that they weren’t just production errors, which PSA says they don’t distinguish between regular cards and production errors. Keep in mind they say they don’t but they also managed to label no HP Dark Persians, D edition Butterfree, etc. I’m not sure what makes them make that call as I can’t get them to label No damage Ninetales, no stage blastoise, and a bunch of others either.

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Maybe @garyis2000 can weigh in on this?

I am expecting back 2 No Rarity cards. I put No Rarity in the variance and left a note specifying my request for a No Variance label. However, I did not submit any evidence. I’m on Day 39 of my 45 day turnaround so we’ll find out very shortly my results.

I hope they label it as such. It would be nice if they could recognize the difference.

If they start labeling this and/or certain other misprints, will they regrade mislabeled cards for you at a lower cost?

Awesome; great find!

I have a whole folder of evidence :stuck_out_tongue:


That unfortunately doesn’t PROVE anything, if you look on the back of Japanese base starter decks it’s the same way where they have no symbols. That doesn’t mean they’re first, or that they aren’t random production errors, it just means they didn’t use cards with rarity marks in their advertisement.

It’s similar to English cards. If you look at the back of English boxes you’ll almost always see shadowless cards. Does that mean shadowless cards are 1st edition? No, it just means that’s what they used in the artwork.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely supporting evidence. It’s just not proof.

If you would like to take on that challenge and get a real feel of just how hard it would be to get PSA to recognize that they’re 1st ed go ahead. I’ve been down this road before already, it took quite a bit just to get them to recognize Trainer Deck A/B cards.

To put it another way, PSA recognizes error cards. They won’t label many of them because they claim they don’t distinguish between them and normal prints (other then the knock on a grade for it having a defect). So trying to convince them to make a label that says No Rarity I feel is doable. It’s on the card it’s visually apparent the evidence exists, but that is still a HUGE task.

Trying to convince them that there’s a link between print runs of magazines that show the the cards changing to the print run of the actual cards is a MOMENTOUSLY HUGE task that I would be very shocked if PSA would accept. You could even go further and show the corrected changes or even pull the cards straight from a booster pack on video to show that they all came from the same pack and I still think it wouldn’t be enough to convince PSA to label them as 1st ed.

Like I said it’s not that I don’t think they’re 1st ed. It’s just not easy to convince a company, that doesn’t even distinguish between well documented production errors, that they are.

Does anyone have the slightest clue as to how large the print run was?

That’s actually information he got from me. When I was researching information on the cards I found a few sources that sited the cards were pulled after two weeks, I asked him if he knew about it and he said he didn’t, but that it didn’t mean it didn’t happen. I was unable to find a confirming source on the information, but it’s been mentioned multiple times from different sources so it’s more then likely true.

He did provide have a good theory as to why it might have happened. Basically saying that the porygon episode causing a scare that made media factory “re-release” the cards, also allowing changes to be made.

Another theory I’ve heard is they the cards were used as samples to see how the market would respond to the cards. The last two paragraphs are all speculation though as I’m unable to confirm or have I heard about either theories from more then one source.

*crosses fingers*

Has anyone other than Gary or Japanime completed (or near completed) one of these sets? That would be an awesome feat!

I broke my cards into two piles, Played-Excellent and Near Mint-Mint. In my Played-Excellent pile I’m missing 15 cards, in my Near Mint-Mint I’m missing 22. Combined the two piles and I’m missing 13.

I know you’re really close yourself. What cards are you still missing?

I am missing 11 cards:

Chansey (holo)
Zapdos (holo)
Beedrill (rare)
Electabuzz (rare)
Pokemon Breeder (rare)
Computer Search (rare)
Pokemon Trader (rare)
Super Energy Removal (rare)
Itemfinder (rare)
Lass (rare)
Scoop Up (rare)

My spares:

Pikachu (common)
Doduo (common)


Mewtwo, ninetales, dragonair, electrode, pidgeotto, clefairy doll, computer search, devolution spray, lass, scoop up, item finder, and super energy removal.

I do have extras of beedrill, zapdos, pokemon trader/breeder. Pm me if you’re interested.

I’m missing Electrode :wink:

If you get an electrode I’ll take all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be on the lookout!

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Glenn has a complete set too???