Best way of shipping cards ever (sarcasm)

So I bought some complete DP sets, on the pictures they all seemed to be in nice binders and sleeves. I also asked about conditions and he told me 90% was mint. The seller stated in the advertisement that he was an experienced collector and that he had more than 20 complete sets for sale. I went ahead and bought 5.

I got the package today, on the outside it seemed to be packaged very well:

Then I opened the box, you could say it was some kind of pandora’s box :stuck_out_tongue:

No sleeves, no binders, no 9-pocket pages, nothing! Just loose cards! The empty space in the box wasn’t even filled with paper or so!

More then half of the cards is in played condition, probably even from before they where shipped.

First time and last time that I bought from that seller… FYI: it wasn’t via ebay.


Bought from a Dutch seller?

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Yes, via marktplaats.

Never buy lots from Dutch inexperienced sellers. They are sooo bad.

I like to think I’m one of a few good sellers on mp. I always sleeve, top load and use bubble mailers.

Don’t feel too bad, I’ve made that mistake often. Will not buy from mp anymore for that reason.

I’ve bought cards before from marktplaats and never had problems. I always google the used pictures to check if they are not stolen from somewhere or so. But yeah, guess I won’t be using it for a while now too.

The seller’s account was over 2 years old so you would think that he was experienced.

On positive side cards weren’t wrapped with rubber bands. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly speaking last picture looks really bad, using sleeves/pages seems to be too much asked for some people.

Had nothing arrive in the mail today…I paid them on the 4th November and you can see they sent on the 21st Nov, then got nothing 5 weeks later (29th Dec) lol


I’ve received the same type of package from a US seller once, over 1000 cards just placed loose in a box for the long trip from US to AUS

Marktplaats is one of the worst online market places … I’ve been scammed twice on it for a fair amount in the early days when I started collecting again. Now I only buy from it when the seller accepts goods through PayPal. Since I’ve been doing that, I’ve still had some disappointments, e.g. with a Dutch Charizard, even though less frequently. But at least I can force a return through a claim and get my money back. It’s also full of lowballers. And scammer profiles just stay online no matter how many times you report them (they don’t seem to block IP addresses). And it’s owned by eBay. Blergh.

Also, a quick question: did you buy those sets from someone named Chantal? A profile with many complete sets and recently also booster packs, although all advertisements seem to have gone as I can’t find the boosters anymore.


No the sellers first name was Rick.
I’ve seen the advertisements of Chantal floating around on facebook groups, I think she’s alright.

I find it disgusting that marktplaats has such a weak/no ‘buyer-protection’, they don’t even work with feedbacks even though they are indeed owned by ebay.

EDIT: Chantal still has some boosters, I’ve seen her post them a few hours ago on facebook.

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was it you that messaged me a while back about dutch holo i will be interest in whatever dutch 1st edition holos you can get please

Yes that was me, but it turned out that that guy selling first edition boxes was a scammer too :slightly_frowning_face: fooled a friend of me who bought 4 boosters, they where already openened and the good cards were replaced.

oh wooh sorry for your friend im glad i didnt buy them what about any spare cards graded or ungraded?

I have no access to any holo’s, I can get the non-holo’s.

arh i only need a couple of the holos left to get

That guy you’re talking about is Bjorn. He’s one of these scammers who has been poisoning marktplaats and 2dehands. He lives 10km from me, I know his address and I’ve been at his door. He’s scammed people for well over 1000 euros, yet there is nothing that can be done it seems. He constantly changes names on marktplaats. Last time I checked he was advertising by the name of BjornBjorn. He’s also got an accomplice, a guy named Jason, who lives in his neighbourhood.

And yeah, Chantal should be fine. I bought once from her without a problem. Was just wondering if it had changed, because your description sounded familiar to the sets she was offering.

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Marktplaats… what can I say.
It was a great place to buy cards and Boosters from a few years back, now it’s full of scammers.
There are still a lot of great sellers and buyers but there are lot of people on there that don’t know anything of Pokémoncards and only want money.

Chantal is good for Booster packs and I know most of them are not weighed because they came from me.
I would not buy oldschool “Mint” cards from her though.


I’ve been scammed by bjorn myself too, recently he scammef some more people and now we’re joining together in a group chat to go to the police. We’re already with 8 people or so.

This guy really needs to get stopped, he has earned 1000s of euros with his tricks and isn’t afraid of anything.

What did he say when you was at his door? Did you get your money back?

That’s good to know, thanks. The one time I bought was almost two years ago and it was a mixed lot in mixed conditions. So I wouldn’t have a clue about her accuracy in describing conditions. Seems she’s leaving the hobby though.

I will pm you @poketrade in regards to Bjorn :blush:

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Can you reupload the pictures, they seem to have gone down?

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