avoid like the plague

Hey everyone, just a heads up to stay the fuck away from ebay seller dope92army. Bought a “mint” base 2 set for $160 posted in which all holos were supposed to be shipped in toploaders. The whole set came in the scummiest torn up ripped pages ever with no sleeves. holos have scratches, cards are bent, set’s fucked. My belief is he has tried to save a few dollars by transferring the cards to shit sleeves.

If dope92army is on this forum, nothing personal but there is no way in hell you could list this set as mint, it’s excellent at best. Hopefully the attached photos work, that back is of the ninetales and that wear is consistent across the card


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160.00 is waaaay too cheap for a mint set but about right for an ex set, but you don’t have to accept it. Return it for sure.
Hate that though.

Yeah, I reckon i’m fairly lenient to an extent but when i get bends and creases like that which are unmissable, it gets a bit frustrating.

Sucks bro, sorry. :confused: I remember that feeling all too well. Especially when buying full sets, chances are more likely than not that the pictures the seller posts on eBay will be insufficient to determine the condition of the cards. And then on top of that, the way they ship it used to give me all types of anxiety. Pro-tip for any sellers that may be out there: please do NOT ship cards in 9-card binder pages, cause it is just asking for trouble. I’ll let these pictures I still have of what happened with the first Jungle set I purchased speak for themselves:

Cards were in this priority mail envelope presumably to save on shipping; no bubble wrap for protection, not marked as “fragile/do not bend”, just in 9 card pages. You can see a giant fold straight down the center of the envelope.

Upon further investigation, this is how I assume the mailman delivered the package. Granted my mail slot is pretty crummy, but I was home the entire day that day and I did not hear my doorbell ring.

The result:

All that being said, it is possible to find actual good deals for these older sets, at least the unlimited versions of them anyway (They are more common than you’d think). I believe I picked up my NM-M Base Set for just over $100 USD, with Jungle and Fossil being even less than that.


God this is why I use P.O.Box. I refuse to use my home adress, but this is clearly not a Adress Issue… the seller be slackalakin. I had some really rare stuff delivered in 9 pocket pages, and I really didnt want it delivered that way but they did it anyway. Thing is, they used big cardboard and really nice bubble wrapping so It turned out okay, but still… Freaked my shit out.


I just have a big mailbox.

iM SCARED of mailbox and people coming past and stealing my shite.

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Lol… had this mailbox thing happen to a customer of mine this week… I had a neo gen set wrapped in 2 layers of bubblewrap, cardboard, ultra pro sleeves, and a padded parcel. And the post man jammed it into the postbox like the above. >.< buyer was angry some cards got bent, but im so thankful he didn’t open a case…

Yeah man, if you see its not a P.O.Box, then deffs put the holos in toploaders, then into PSA sleeves or teambags, then into a box. NEXT STEP just sleeve the crap out of commons and uncommons, Then team bag, and rap bubble wrap around the pile. Tape everything to the bottom of box and chuck some bubble wrap on top so nothing moves… THIS IS THE ULTIMATE WAY OF PACKING!

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Yeah, I should of maybe used some toploaders. Ah… it’s just too hard to keep postage rates cheap for people here in Australia…

ULTIMATE PACKING THREAD! - I think we had a discussion about packing in another thread ages ago. Gary is pretty good at it, and I really like Glenn’s packing.

Yeah I’m in australia and I have been trying to sell pokemon cards for a long time, no body buys anything from me much. I find myself spending 1 hour or more on Packing things for my customers… One guy told me it took him 15 minutes to unwrap and remove the stickies, and that I could secure a bomb with the amount of sticky tape/packing i used… A bit overkill, but people are greatful. I have bought from you before, some chinese base set 1st editions. lol, I want that steelix 1st ed you had gem mint 10 from silvery ocean.

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I’ve personally had the best results when sets are shipped with the cards (individually sleeved of course) stacked like a deck and then placed in a box. This forces the mailman to ring the doorbell to have someone pick up the package as it wouldn’t fit through a mail slot, and a box is able to take a lot more punishment than a padded envelope ever could. Sure it may cost a bit more, but when you are dealing with expensive, potentially irreplaceable cards, why would you take a chance?


That sucks. I have typically had nothing but bad luck with purchasing lots/complete sets/collections. As someone mentioned, these typically don’t have many pictures of the cards individually, so you basically have to leave it up to the seller to ship carefully and to have accurate descriptions. Just the other day, I had some seller ship me a stack of ~15 Holos, unsleeved, in a plain white envelope… Even though I sent him a message asking if he could ship the cards safely/securely. Unfortunately, the main and most valuable card of the bunch arrived heavily scratched, and then the guy has the nerve to ask me to ship the valuable card back and he would refund me $3 (I paid $13 total for the lot, but the main card alone is worth that much).

"Tape everything to the bottom of the box":thinking: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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But it need to be bubble wrapped at the bottom aswell which I forgott to mention xD

My brother, as everybody here knows, I hate tape;) Tape has destroyed more collectibles than AIDS has killed people.
Please keep tape on the outside of the box. NEVER on the inside…anywhere;)


Shit, I wonder if I wrecked some of my grades up because I mail my cards to be graded out with shitton of tape on them, but I always make Blastoiserules wash his hands after he has delt with the tape xD

I shall cease using tape and rectify certain inequitys.

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Every time people tape collectables down, a kitten dies.


Sorry to hear of the poor packaging. :slightly_frowning_face:

Some people just don’t treat the cards with respect.

Bubble rap is like 10cents…

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I will admit I use about 2cm of tape inside each package but that is just to keep the wrap together and it always on the side of the card rather than the top so even if it happens to slip out there is 0% of the tape ruining things.