A frustrating ebay purchase why cant people package things?!

Thought id share this while I mong over what to do about it.

I bought 18 reverse Team rocket returns holos. All mint pack fresh order total about £400. As normal on purchase I say please package things securely. These were some needed to complete what I guess the term is my master set

They’ve been stuffed back to back in a 9 card holder binder page, no sleeves. One card was put in a card saver bare, no sleeve.

This was all then put in a paper envelope a bit bigger than a4. I heard it hit the floor through the letter box this morning and fold up, praying it wasnt the order I thought it was.

So on opening it, about 7 cards including whatever was in the card saver, was not in the card saver/binder page but all loose in the envelope, and the rest of the cards were hanging about 5mm out of the 3x3 binder page.

They all now have scuffs/silvering on the top of the cards. About 8 have a descent scratch on the holo, mainly the ones that had come loose. And the worst thing is they all mostly have micro dents front and back of the cards. Probably from having a piece of a4 paper (the envelope) as their only protection. Not even a jiffy bag was used.

This is so frustrating as the dragonite is absolutely mint other than the now 7-8 pin prick dents all over it. Who sends a £400 order in a paper envelope packaged back to back. You can actually see the matching dents on the 3x3 binder page that lines up with the cards

It was an ebay purchase but the killer is it was individual auctions with combined postage, making it 18 returns requests to open.


sounds like this person did not know really what they had and therefore when you say please pack securely, it does not mean the same thing to them as it does to you. If they are constantly selling cards then yes they should know better but if is a one off for them, there is no way for them to know how to ship it securely.

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Definitely a high possibility, it wasnt word for word me saying pack securely but normally reads ‘Please can you put cards in penny sleeves and card savers, and package so the cards are protected from damage’ but doesnt really matter. This is just me venting and a bit taken back by it, one for having such perfect cards wasted but also just readying myself to approach them about it. The envelope has a big diagonal fold in it so surprised things are not worse off or even still in the envelope at all.

I am sorry to hear this. It is always unfortunate when sellers unfamiliar with handling cards ship this way.

The other day I purchased a binder set on eBay. It was in a classwork style O-ring binder with regular ultra pro 9-card binder sleeves. I was very concerned the O-rings would dent the cards during shipment (happened to me before) so I requested the seller remove cards from the binder before shipping.

They removed the 9-card sleeves from the binder but their solution to packaging was to tape the sheets of sleeves stacked together. Like wrapping it up by sealing it with sticky tape. Plenty of cards slid out from the binder in shipping and got caught on the tape which I had to painstakingly carefully slice. Miraculously the cards were ok. The funny thing is the seller took clear “precautions” in his eyes, he wrapped the taped together sleeves in cardstock, then bubblebath wrap, just… missed the actual card protection lol.


That is horrendous! Wicked sorry to hear about that experience. Were they a new seller by chance?

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Thanks for the reply, Your situation seems just as maddening lol. I remember the first binder I bought was from a local guy like 8 years ago and his dad had put celotape on every slot in the ultra pro 9 card binder sleeves to stop the cards falling out. Most had stayed away from the tape and I could remove it but some similar to yours had slid up and got stuck on the tape. This ruined all the cards as it took of the yellow border. Again they thought they were doing good but in turn did the complete opposite

In this case they had some sort of understanding with them having a premium due to condition. I think new sellers expect couriers to handle their package with care. What I expect is 2 guys in the warehouse to be volleying the parcel from one to another.

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Not new to ebay, like 250 feedback but apparently new to selling pokemon.

Story is a few years ago they bought Team rocket returns boxes, opened them and made a set. They’ve been kept since. With a description of Pack fresh from boosters, and including mint or near mint in the title, I thought they would of had some experience. Unless it was a copy job from ebay searching and copying another title.

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You can always open a return and get your money back

Honestly, it sounds more like that seller did it to spite you when it should be a given that cards or anything you sell should be packed neatly and securely without question.

The Envelope they were sent in is pretty hilarious, I cant really picture it as my address is written over the size of it in black thick white board marker.

Theyve had 3 days to answer and have blanked me, but have continued to list other items so its pretty clear they have seen the messages. So yes I have had to result into opening returns cases, spoke it through with ebay and they said you have to open a case per card.

Its whatever now, just unwanted hassle.

I wanted to double check with ebay about combining return cases in 1 parcel, and to make sure it didnt effect the buyers protection on the cases.

They confirmed things but also a few amusing comments, think Adam maybe checking up his pokemon card prices later. He left the chat before I could say anymore.


Fast forward 20 years and Adam is a big name in the Pokemon collecting community.


I had a similar issue with a purchase of modern cards this week. I bought roughly $900 in Rebel Clash & Sword/Shield Base Set Full Arts and Secret Rares from a seller. Not only did they ignore my request to send them in a box, only 8 of the 50 cards were sleeved and in a toploader with the remaining 42 sandwhiched in between them inside of team bags without any sleeves on them. The vast majority of the unprotected cards have small condition issues that can most likely be attributed to the poor packaging. I’ve only ever returned 1 purchase on ebay the past 5 years and this will be my 2nd. If I’m purchasing almost a thousand dollars in cards from someone, the very least they can do is spend $15 on loaders/sleeves to adequately protect my purchase.


Yep 100% agree, The biggest thing that got me was the fact that they had been rubbing together in transit with no protection. Now I cant tell the exact condition they left in, and some had only minor marks but with the shear lack of care in packaging I just put those marks down to damage in transit. Im not going to give them the benefit of doubt when other damage was clearly from no protection.

The seller maybe new, and it maybe now a rough lesson for them, but its not for us to take that hit. The sellers duty is to make sure their items turn up as listed. This seller said it was very unfair of me to return them, I had to stop talking to them. They even said its royal mails fault and not theirs, but didn’t understand they had to take it up with the courier.

I’ve had similar issues even from a seller on this forum but also from big stores like troll and toad. I had T&T completely destroy a jumbo vintage card that was mint before shipping. They used the jumbo card to wrap about 35 vintage holos with no sleeves or toploaders in a soft bubble wrap mailer with no protection. Needless to say I had a potato chip jumbo card with 8 new 1-3" long creases and a very upset email back to them requesting a full refund.

It’s really upsetting to see multiple sellers destroying mint cards that are approaching 25 years old for no other reason than incompetence and laziness.