This really made me mad, what should I do now?

Hello everyone!
As some of you know I recently bought a nice lot of different Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres cards on ebay. The seller was a nice person and we were communicating well to work things out. Today his sending arrived. I was already fearing the worst when I saw the way he packed the cards … Keep in mind that this was shipped internationally!

After I opened this slack envelope some of the cards were already falling out. Here is what they looked like …

Now we all know it’s the seller’s responsibility to take care of secure shipping and avoid any damage. The cards were advertised as near mint and you could tell from the auction pictures that this damage is a result of unaccurate packaging. For me beeing a collector most of the cards are now useless. They are not even worth reselling because I don’t want to offer people cards that I wouldn’t even want myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Any advice?

I know what you mean… I had a few sellers that sent it by a 9-card sleeve holder before… I don’t know why they would do such a thing

Advice: Ask first for a refund. If that doesn’t work: File a case. Get your money back. Easy win.

Also, whenever I buy from someone that isn’t a reputable seller already, I specifically ask them how they intend to package cards. It saves a headache later.

I sent the seller these pictures and confronted him with my problem. I figured it would be more appropriate if I gave him a chance to find a solution himself before contacting ebay. He has not answered yet though …

my mouth literally dropped at the sight of those cards. . . thats rediculous. did he ever contact you?

Yeah all of a sudden he was able to reply after I filed a case… it turned out that ebay customer service offered to arrange item and money returns but since 4/10 of the cards escaped damage I wanted to keep them and recieve compensation for just the damaged ones. I sent them detailed pictures and even linked this thread to show what other people think about it but for some reason it was not possible. In the end I simply lost the nerves to go on with this (discussing things in English can be exhausting for non-native speakers) and keept the cards. I guess I had to take this as an experience not to buy from unknown/unexperienced sellers ever again (no matter how promising the price may be)!

Yeah, unfortunately there will always be some inexperienced sellers which can cause some problems but you geet used to it. I have received so many cards that were just put in a normal envelope by itself or in a sleeve >.<

At least you got some rare cards and the condition isn’t too bad it ruins the appeal(apart from the fossil moltres of course lol).

That sucks mate. :slightly_frowning_face: I hate to see how people can be so irresponsible when shipping cards, a $0.50 toploader and a 5-cent-sleeve per card could’ve avoided this. Personally I would’ve gone through with the claim.

inexperienced or not, how hard is it to put these cards in hard cases ? like really?! is it that difficult to gather a little common sense?

I always ask the seller if he would send the card in hard case / Top loader if it’s not mentioned in the listing, before I purchase any card.

thats good to ask for it, but if the seller ever treasured their cards like us, even if they didnt, they should have a little common sense on the matter

It makes me cringe when I see how people treat valuable cards.

Anyway it’s an easy case for you to get a full refund, eBay does a good job working with buyers.

believe me people can be reeeeally stupid. my BF fixes broken electronics right? well someone tried to shove a 3ds game in backwards, they had to of literally SHOVED it in. it was stuck =x . . . people i swear. what were they thinking? “oh it dont seam to fit, lets push harder!”

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Those poor quick starter holos! I would have gone mental if I received a package like that! But at least Paypal will/should cover the refund but I see you kept the cards.

I once received some shadowless base set holos that had been shipped in toploaders but had obviously got stuck in the mail sorting machine! I suppose it’s a lottery sometimes sending things through the mail.