People need to learn how to package cards

I just received some cards in the mail wich I purchased and i’m honestly quite upset… this is how they were shipped, inside a normal envelope:

The front card is in a sleeve wich is taped to the toploader and the other cards are loose in between the one sleeved card and toploader…

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that is one of the worst that I have seen in a while. I think the uptick in people sending them horribly is all the people cashing in on what they have in their garage

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Jeez thats a sight, get a partial refund or send them back. Sorry mate :slightly_frowning_face:

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stop complaining! people are trying to save a nickel! HENCE NO EXTRA TOPLOADERS!

i have no complaints on my shipping method. Glue + Cardboard = no crease


The seller went to a lot of trouble to package that. It means he thought he was doing the right thing so don’t be too hard on him.

Even worse is experienced sellers who use tape inside a package. Every one here knows how I feel about tape in a package. To me, it shows complete ignorance and all tapers should be airlifted and dropped in the middle of an ISIS camp.

Funny story. I recently bought something from a seller I didn’t know. When the package arrived there was a fresh sealed roll of Scotch Tape inside. Obviously he knew me lol.


I can tell he was trying to do good but ye… they would’ve been in better shape if he would’ve just put them in an envelope loose without anything. And since it’s from a local 2nd hand website here, I can’t even really do anything about it. There’s no returns policy or anything and since there wasn’t anything mentioned about how the would be shipped, I technically can’t really do anything about it. And from my experience complaining to people who thought they packaged something really well ABOUT said packaging tends to be like pouring a drop of water on a hot plate.
Kinda like that ebay seller from france that keeps insisting putting a loose card in a bubble mailer is adequate protection. Cause of the bubble mailer ya know? Aparantly they’re bullet proof or something.

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That’s more stuffed than a double stuffed Oreo. Very sorry to see your cards arrive that way. I generally just stuff 2 cards max on a toploader. This is a bit over the top. To save about 20 cents?

LOL i was going to do that by digging up your address from a previous purchase. I was going to send you 2 packages.

  1. A factory sealed scotch tape that is taped by a whole roll of tape.

  2. A water energy card GLUED to a cardboard with the cardboard + water energy inside a plastic sleeve and maybe a toploader.

I had one sent to me similarly, 1st ed shining Gyarados in a sleeve they made out of a cut binder page and taped to cardboard. Fun fact, it received a PSA 10.

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I remember sending @soulwind a card inside a toploader that had mounds of tape around it in my earlier days of collecting. I think about it every now and then and feel bad about it.

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atleast your card was INSIDE the toploader and not taped to the front of it XD

I have always agreed w gary about cards and that you should never use tape inside the envelope! If the toploader is soo loose, cards fall out…it was stretched or stuffed too much!!

I seriously would have died lol.

None of the cards are actually Inside the toploader tho XD they’re taped to it.