Basilikus1990 's Collection

Hey - I realise I already posted my collection link in the “New Guy” Thread but I thought seeing as others are doing it, I’d create a new thread so it’s easy to find =)

My Collection Website

So, all my cards came through and I’ve now sorted and scanned them and rearranged my site for easier (I hope) navigation. The ‘Entire Collection’ page doesn’t have most of the new cards on so it’s best to navigate through the site normally.

Just so you know what’s updated, here’s a list:

Updated Sections:

Unnumbered promos (inc Jumbo cards & and completed lucky stadiums woo!)
New gift box
Half decks (5,7,9)

New TCG Sections:

Uncomplete Ex Deoxys/Dragon/FireRed&LeafGreen/Sandstorms/MagmaVSAqua.
Gym Cards (Complete 1 and 2) Japanese
Entire e-Card series Japanese 1-5 (Inc all crystals)
2 Neo Sets Japanese Complete (Revelations is on the way) - only the set with the ultra rare shinings set to go.
ADV Expansion Cards

New Non-TCG Sections:
1995 Blue Back Topsun Promos
1997 Bandai Carddass Complete
1997 Bandai Stickers
1998 Bandai Cards
1999 Bandai Cards (Episode cards - love these!) I have lots of them but not complete

Sorted out Wants/Trade/Sell page (The lists are hosted on google docs and they are linked into the pages - making it really easy for me to maintain them - simply editing a document rather than messing around with format etc).

The wants list has cards missing from sets mentioned above etc.

In the post I have the complete: base , fossil , team rocket, and neo revelations so hopefully I can update the site with them this week!

I’m open for any constructive criticism about the site - navigation, presentation etc.