Panama's Collection

Hey figured I would list my full collection from when I used to be obsessed with Pokemon as a little kid. It’s nothing crazy but thought I would share non the less. I will be updating this ~monthly or whenever a decent amount of cards get added.

**Completed Sets:
Jungle Unlimited
Fossil Unlimited
Base Set 2
Southern Islands: 2 complete sets with their original binders
VS Series Set

Update #4: Added following to my completed unlimited sets
Base set**
Team Rocket Missing:
Gym Challenge Missing: Gym Heroes Missing:
Neo discovery Missing:
Neo Genesis Missing: Neo Revelation Missing:
3/64 Celebi

7/64 Ho-Oh

8/64 Houndoom

14/64 Suicune

66/64 Shining Magikarp

Neo Destiny Missing:
2/105 Dark Crobat

4/105 Dark Espeon

32/105 Dark Croconaw

107/105 Shining Charizard

108/105 Shining Kabutops

109/105 Shining Mewtwo

111/105 Shining Raichu

112/105 Shining Steelix

Edit 1: Updated the numbers here with any additions above. Probably ~200 cards added into the collection. Still a huge way to go for a WOTC collection.

Edit 2 Sept 30 2020: Got a fully completed VS binder set; began collecting Web series cards; Finished my Unlimited Fossil and Jungle sets; knocked off some cards for various sets roughly another 200. Expedition, Aquapolis, Skyridge numbers not updated although maybe 10-20 was added to each set.

Edit 3 March 3 2021: Removed 1st edition missing cards as its not really a big focus for me atm. Knocked off some more holos but I have been more focused on Japanese cards for a while so now I will finally start knocking more off this list.

Edit 4 April 20 2021: Purchased ~25-30 of the missing holos from Team Rocket to Neo Destiny, including both T17 and T18, Dark Charizard, Dark Blastoise, etc… Will add pictures of the collection later on as well.

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