My 'WOTC' Pokemon Card Collection.


Base Set, Unlimited, (Complete)

Jungle, Symbolless, (Complete)

Jungle, First Edition, (Complete)

Jungle, Unlimited, (Complete)

Fossil, First Edition, (Complete)

Fossil, Unlimited, (Complete)

Fossil, Deck Exclusive, (Incomplete)

Base Set 2, (Complete)

Team Rocket, First Edition, (Complete)

Team Rocket, Unlimited, (Complete)

Gym Heroes, First Edition, (Complete)

Gym Heroes, Unlimited, (Complete)

Gym Challenge, First Edition, (Complete)

Gym Challenge, Unlimited, (Complete)

Neo Genesis, First Edition, (Complete)

Neo Genesis, Unlimited, (Complete)

Neo Discovery, Unlimited, (Complete)

Neo Revelation, Unlimited, (Complete)

Neo Destiny, Unlimited, (Complete)

Legendary Collection, Regular, (Complete)

Expedition Base Set, Mixed, (Complete)


Wizard Black Star Promos, (Complete)

Prerelease Cards, (Complete)

W Promotional Cards, (Complete)

Southern Islands Set, (Complete)

Pokemon League, (Complete)

Winner Cards, Best Of Game, (Complete)

Other Promotional Cards

Japanese Cards

Error, Misprint Cards

Other Error Cards

Altered Artwork Cards

Jumbo Cards (Complete)


The Holo Gallery


I collected these sets back in 2016, right before the ‘Pokemon Go’ boom, when it was somewhat affordable.

I just wanted to collect as many WOTC expansion sets (in all variations), and promotional cards, as I could.

I really love the WOTC Pokemon Cards, because they are nostalgic to me, and I really love the artwork.

I am officially giving up the hobby, since it is now too expensive.

It pains me to say that, but, I really did have fun completing these sets.

I will not be selling my collection, I will just be holding onto them, I’m not an investor, just a fan of the Hobby.

I hope all your collections are special to you, also.

:heart_eyes: xx.


@domunique Congratulations on all your progress and dedication! And there is nothing wrong with taking a break or simply just enjoying what you already own! :blush:

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Also what was your favorite set to put together?

As sad as it is to say I’m starting to regret not picking up all the Commons, uncommons, rares to finish my sets. I simply collected just the Holo’s or better.

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Congratulations on your great collection! I agree witch @mcorey777.



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@mcorey777 , @deltazero ,

Thankyou for Viewing my Collection guys, I really appreciate it.

Thankyou Delta :blush:

Mcorey I couldn’t agree with you more, with Card Collecting it never stops, there is never enough Cards, there are always more cards to acquire, sometimes you just have to take a break, sit back, and appreciate what you already have, which I do.

If you have all the Holo’s, then…just, buy the Common’s, whenever you can, they are so cheap compared to the Holo’s! Lol.

Anyway, as a kid, my favorite set, was the Jungle Set, I loved the Symbol, the Artwork, and the Theme on the Booster Boxes.

But, as I was collecting, I realized, that artistically, my favorite Sets, are all of the ‘E Series’ Sets (Expedition Base Set, Aquapolis, Skyridge).

Even though I hate the thick borders, the artwork itself, is really beautiful. The E series cards are the only WOTC cards that I didn’t grow up with, so I have no nostalgic attachment to them at all, but they are still so beautiful to me.

I managed to Complete a mixed Expedition Base Set (with 40 Reverse Holos scattered throughout it), however, I never got to Collect or Complete the remaining 2 other sets, which, sort of breaks my heart. And now they are way too expensive to purchase.

But It’s all good.

Thankyou :blush:

:heart_eyes: xx.


@domunique You have good taste! As a kid I collected Base Set Thru fossil. As a adult I really enjoyed collecting the sets I never had as a kid. Especially Neo Genesis thru Skyridge! Which have my favorite artwork. Sure base set is great but I get a lot more joy from the other sets.


@domunique, I agree that the E-series artwork is exquisite. Growing up, I collected a lot of Fossil. I think it is my favorite out of the first 3 sets. I also love the neo sets quite a bit because of the artwork and they had some of my favorite pokemon!