Tentelisano's Collection Thread

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while, and after Black Friday, I was going through my cards and decided to finally create this thread.

So without further ado, here is my collection thread!

Many of you have seen my graded card display from earlier posts, but here those cards are again:

I also have the four original pre-release cards minus the elusive “pre-release Raichu”

I have a fledgling 1st edition base collection going as well! Here is what I have so far. The Dratini was a real find as it is a grey stamp. The photos don’t really do it justice. The last pic showcases the stamp.

I also have a collection of raw legendary collection reverse holos that I intend to grade.

Here are some of the promo cards that I have!

Then here is my only Gold Star Card. It is a Gold Star Mew that I found behind another card inside of a binder collection that I picked up cheap. It is in really wonderful condition, and I plan on grading it!

Last, but not least I wanted to show off my Black Friday find!

Thank you guys so much for all of the support thus far! I know that my collection is still getting started, but I am looking forward to sharing it with you all as it grows! I know that I’ve said it before, but I cannot begin to express to you all what being a part of this community means to me! Thank you all!


Really nice and awesome collection, but you might want to post it in the section for it? :blush:


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I apologize! It seems that I accidentally posted this is the “Quick Question” Section. I meant to post it in the “Collection” Section. I cannot figure out how to move it. If a Mod can either move it or instruct me on how to, then I will take care of it. Again, I am sorry!!

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Ya I goofed! Sorry! I am trying to figure out how to move it hahaha!

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Loving the look of the Zoroark cards, haha, some of them are kind of goofy and funny to look at, in contrast to the amazing artwork that the “real” artists make for Pokémon. It’s kind of refreshing :blush:

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Awesome collection! I loved how you have them displayed. Out of all of them, i’d have to say the Expedition Alakazam is my favorite. Keep it up!

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There are three more of them too! I’m super excited to collect the set!

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Not trying to spam, but I wanted to say Thank you to whoever moved this thread to “Collection Additions”

Great collection @tentelisano, I personally love that Charmeleon from Radiant collection I know you have a lot rarer and valuable cards but that Charmeleon is now one I want to add to my own collection! :grin:

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I love that whole set from the Charmander to the Charizard! It tells a story, which I think is really cool. Sure they aren’t the most rare or valuable, but collecting isn’t always about that!

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Quick update time!

Unfortunately due to some financial issues that arose fairly recently, I had to liquidate most of my collection. Pretty much anything that had value got liquidated. However instead of viewing it negatively, I’m trying to put a positive spin on the situation and focus on ways I can rebuild better.

Before, my collection was a large group of seemingly random cards. Now, I’m wanting to focus more on some collection goals I’ve set.

In rebuilding, I’m also working hard to budget better and hopefully avoid any future liquidations. That being said, I will be trying to interact more with the community here in the future, and will be providing updates as I slowly rebuild my collection!


Great collection, and those art academy finds are just stunning

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So, to start rebuilding my collection, I’m going to have to start small. I picked up these two beauties this month! I want to eventually get the rest of the Scream cards in a PSA 10. So, that’s a goal I have.

I found this Bulbasaur card while scouting eBay the other day, and absolutely fell in love with the art! Bulbasaur has so much character in this art! I’m really excited to add both of these to the collection!


Amazing collection! Let me know if you ever plan to move those tropical beach cards :wink:

Dat Evee. I’ve never seen that art, it looks like colored pencil maybe…