Auto 10 Base 2 signed charizard

Hi guys got a mate who owns this card and he has no clue how to value it :blush: was wondering if any one may have an idea so I can let him know cheers

I’d say about $200, maybe a little more to the right collector.


I would say between 200-300; these pieces are unique and are quite subjective depending on the collector. Some want the signature in Japanese, some prefer English, some only want ones with a sketch with it…

But nevertheless it’s an extremely solid card as it’s a charizard with a clean signature. I would pay on the lower end of my scale because I prefer the signature in Japanese, but that’s only through my own subjective opinion.

How does auto 10 work? Is the 10 referring to the signature, or that the card would be like PSA 10 without the signature?

In this case the card is “Authentic” and the auto was graded a 10. Since the card was only authenticated it may be any range of condition. There are several options to grade the card depending on the submitter’s preference that a photo can more easily describe than I can type out.


Auto 10 means they are grading the signature specifically (the quality). The card itself could be a PSA 1 grade w/ an Auto 10 signature.
See @jkanly post above for reference on the different ways your cards can be graded as well.

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Any Arita autographed Zard ( Primarily Base ) in my eyes is worth a minimum of $300.
Considering this looks to have some scratches and wear with no grade to the card itself, I’d probably say it hits that $300+ mark and could fetch a little more to the right collector.

Not going to lie, this looks like a poor example of his “signature”.

I would suggest you tell your friend to sell it ASAP.

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I have to agree w/ this. I also prefer his signature in Japanese/Kanji over English.