Any t206 conosseaures?

Hi everyone, I really hope that it is not forbidden or anything to ask for advice regarding something that is not pokemon. When I graduated, I recieved this as a gift.

I love holding a card that is more than 100 years old!
That being said I was thinking of grading this card. The person that gave me this card said that he may have cut the card to make it fit in his binder. If that were the case psa could only assign the grade authentic altered (not really a grade but not sure what to call it)
How do I know if that is something that happened to this card? Is it worth grading even for the authentic altered grade?

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I’m no expert with these cards but for what it’s worth, this card doesn’t look cut to me. These cards are all poorly cut.


I agree, this doesn’t look cut to me. I have a few graded t206 cards (cheap commons), they are really interesting for how old they are. I would definitely get it graded, that card is selling for close to $1K, recently, in a PSA 2-3, which looks in line with your copy. Keep in mind, some of that card are selling for more, but they have different variants, depending on which cigarettes are advertised on the back.


Yeah, mine shouldnt be a particularly rare back…
You guys are giving me hope, but it may be possible that the corners where so badly rounded that even having cut the edges they still look round. Idk…I’ll probably grade it then :slight_smile: thank you