Thought's on grade and value please

I was wondering what you guys think of this card…psa 6? and value wise…im not sure they seem to be 40$+ these days ut this seems beat up on the back n a mark at the front

My question is why would grade a card, especially a newer one, if it were to get anything less than a 9?

You’re going to lose money because no one will pay more than market value. You’ll lose about $15-25 grading it and the shipping to PSA and back to you.

Does this card have sentimental value?


it’s to keep it preserved as it is, its one of those awesome cards. They dont appear often either

they are pretty common still and they were mass produced. You’re better off selling it and getting a new copy to grade. I don’t think it’ll ever have the value you are thinking. $20 is likely what it’ll sell for.

I was just curious as I can pick it up for $30, Its down as nm/m ha, after looking at the pictures its not! I posted the pics at the same time as I saw them :stuck_out_tongue: put me off buying.I am not well versed with their prices, I have both already and want to send in for grading. Figured if it was a nm/m id pick this one up and grade

my collection specilized in English BW and XT era cards. I know the value of them very well. So grading them unless you think they can get a 10, which means they’ll likely get a 9, is not worth it. Think “shoot for the moon, land in the clouds” mentality.

You are asking about grades and value. I’m telling you it’s not worth it and very likely it will never be. 5-10 years down the road.

I get you, thanks :blush: I didnt purcahse it due to the damage, i was only interested if it was a mint card/9+…its not.I appreciate your help!

Thank you

your welcome. You’re going to go through that a lot looking for mint+ cards. Be patient and when a good card does pop up. Grade it.