Another eBay user to block - Return Fraud

Account: jerzeygg

Reason: Fraudulent Returns

Hey all. I just sold an Aquapolis pack to this user last week. When it arrived the user claimed that the pack was damaged and not the same as the one in the eBay listing. I issued a return immediately, and to my surprise when I received the item back today it was a Japanese Burning Shadows pack. Just opened a case with eBay and am hoping they side with me lol.


Heres our eBay conversation. Made me chuckle a bit.


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The best part of the story is, his sons birthday is next week and he plans on getting the pack graded before then? He has a high opinion of PSA turnaround times :rofl:


Everyone knows kids love gem mint graded aquapolis packs


I like the “god bless” followed by a wink emoticon. Translation: “god bless but not really 'cause Ima 'bout to screw you over”


Minty is the most cringe term


eBayers love to bring up their children when convenient :laughing:


quick question here somewhat related: How do I block an ebayer so I dont run into them either buying or selling? Id like to add this user (this situation is just ridiculous) and another who screwed me over about a month ago when I won an auction and he refused to sell the card to me, while then giving me a return and relisting the card for $100 more (it was originally an auction but then a buy it now) so id like to make sure in my searches I dont come across anything they might be selling.


Sweet! Thank you so much for the help!

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While ebay usually sides with buyer, in your case they will be on your side (most likely, but no 100%)

“Folded 3 times” lmao what a believable story.

As soon as I see an offer “can I have this cheaper I need it for my son” or any sob story I don’t reply and avoid haha

BANNED…and thank you.

Real talk
Thanks to the YouTubers opening these packs and saying how awesome they are…my 8 yr old did ask for one. I need to work on his concept of money.

Also this guy is the first person I added to the ban list

Just had a similar situation happen where the buyer sent back a bunch of random evolutions cards instead of the pack I sold them.
Ebay user: poketthemonsters
Ebay Name: Tammy Moats
Paypal Name Dustin Russell

This is the same person that did this to me:

They changed their username to: thepokesensei

Their personal information is identical what you shared. They are added to the blacklist.


Disregard for grammar and punctuation. Always a red flag.

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Darn I completely missed that thread :sob: . Thanks for adding them to the blacklist!