Advice - eBay seller knowingly selling fake cards as genuine

Hello all. First time poster and relatively new collector, so I’m looking for some advice on this situation.

I won an eBay auction a few weeks ago for 25 holos from various WOTC sets. Three of the cards were 1st edition. However, when the items arrived it was clearly obvious that two of those 1st editions (from Gym Challenge) were fake. They were noticeably smaller in size than than standard, the copyright / illustrator lines were missing, and the holo pattern was not genuine and was identical on both cards.

I initiated a return request which the seller agreed to right away. However, they pleaded their innocence and were shocked to find out that the cards were fake. They said that they pulled all of the cards within the auction straight from packs. That seemed somewhat odd to me as firstly I knew two cards were fake but secondly the cards all came from several different WOTC sets (including base set) and this was a first time seller. In any event, I explained that people can unfortunately make fake cards/packs and reseal genuine packs inserting fake cards in them.

I advised the seller that I was 100% certain and in no doubt that those two cards were definitely fake product. I supplied very good and clear photographic evidence pointing out in photoshop everywhere that indicated that they were not genuine (plus photographs of the genuine cards to compare them with).

However, I’ve just seen that the seller has simply re-listed the auction again and nowhere does it mention that two of the cards are not genuine. The seller has obviously decided to knowingly sell fake cards without describing them as so.

As a relatively new collector, I wanted to get the advice of some of you on what you think I should do? My instinct is to report the auction to eBay. I don’t want these cards going into our market and I want to protect other potential buyers, especially if they are not able to identify the cards as fake. They’re being sold as genuine when the seller knows that they aren’t and I don’t want them to profit from that either.

I’m slightly anxious to report it now though as I’m yet to receive my refund and it will be obvious that I’m the person that reported the auction. I also want to protect my 100% positive feedback on eBay and I simply don’t trust the seller to not leave negative feedback out of spite even though I’ve tried to be as helpful and trusting as possible. They’ve tried to flat out lie to me about about other aspects of this auction as well and I can see them doing that again with my feedback.

I made sure to send the cards back by tracked delivery and can see that their digital signature signed for the delivery on Saturday 1st October. By eBay return rules, they have 6 working days to action the refund. Therefore, next Monday, 10th October would be the deadline, although it could take another few working days for this to show up in my PayPal account. Unfortunately the re-listed auction already has one bid on it and is due to finish this Sunday, 9th October.

Any suggestions on the best ways forward would be greatly appreciated! Please ask if you want a link to the re-listed auction or any of the photographs I took of the items. If you think I should have done anything differently as well, please let me know. Thank you!


Apologies, this somehow ended up in here rather than the general forum where I’d intended on posting it. Please do move it across if possible!

a seller can not leave a buyer negative feedback, so you’re safe on that part.

as long as tracking shows your return as delivered, you will be fine, ebay will force a refund if the seller does not refund you himself.

all that being said, report the listing and if its still possible, perhaps leave a negative or neutral feedback mentioning the counterfeit goods


Can you post the pictures of the fakes? I’m curious xD. And the link too please

This is why you ALWAYS initiate and complete the return through eBay with THEIR label they provide. Using anything else and a seller may be able to stiff you.

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That’s good to know. Thank you. Yes, the royal mail special delivery service shows as delivered with an image of the seller’s signature, so that should all be fine.

A link to the relisted auction would be helpful

I’ve had the same thing happen twice before. If the seller truely did relist the items knowing there were some fake I would feel inclined to leave negative or neutral feedback. Ebay doesn’t allow revenge feedback. If he leaves a “positive” but with a negative comment it can be removed.

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Yes - the current live auction is here:

It’s the Brock’s Graveler and Giovani Trainer cards that are not genuine. As far as I could tell, all of the other cards were real. The auction also lists new in the condition field. The description says they’re in “great condition”. Some of the cards are definitely not. The backs to some are in bad / played shape (see third image below). The Charizard base card has a big chip out of the front as well.

Two of the images are below that I sent to the seller. The first one highlights where the copyright / illustrator text should be. The second image has a correctly sized card behind one of the fake cards. The bottom left corners are together.

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Yep, definitely fake. Not to mention the Brock’s Graveler doesn’t come in holo version. And rofl at that last card back. And here I thought some of my cards were heavy played… Reminds me of my Muk that I once found partially burned at a playing ground when I was 9 years old… :laughing:

Oh, and welcome to the forum. :blush:


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Haha! Oh dear!

Yes, I found that out about the Brock’s Graveler too when I was researching the actual cards to show the seller. They know that it doesn’t come as a holo as well, so they’re definitely selling these dishonestly now if they weren’t originally when I bought the auction.

Thanks for the welcome, much appreciated!

Ha! Yes, I will do that. Thank you for the advice, it’s much appreciated.

Thank you everyone in fact. I’m now confident that I’ll be fine reporting it and will do that shortly.

I’ll be sticking around here, if I’m welcome! I started collecting with Flashfire and did really well with that set. Began collecting WOTC cards more recently, so the smpratte YouTube videos came along at a great time for me and was what pointed me in this direction! :grin: I’m starting out by trying to complete the early unlimited WOTC sets in mint/near mint condition. Also sending my first batch of base set holos to PSA this month. Really enjoying the hunt so far; it seems to be going well!


Wanted to do a quick update to say that I’ve finally got my money back from this seller yesterday! Took absolutely ages and they were horrible. Please avoid them at all costs.

I did end up reporting the re-listed auction but it was a short auction and nothing happened. The auction ended and someone bought the cards :slightly_frowning_face: Perhaps eBay didn’t get to look at it in time. I hope that the new buyer can see that they’re obviously counterfeit as well.

Following that, I recently sent a private message to the seller calling them out on it for knowingly selling fake cards as genuine in the re-listed auction. He said that he had a “expert” check them who confirmed that they were genuine!!! (I wouldn’t normally use that many exclamation marks but it’s warranted here). This is by far not the first time the seller obviously lied to me during this transaction.

In the end, he didn’t even process my refund. He continued to claim he didn’t know how to do it, and then said that they had done it when they obviously hadn’t. I think the 60 day time limit for a payment to be pending in PayPal simply ran out and my money was returned.

I’ve learnt some valuable lessons from this transaction though, including how fantastic this forum is. Thanks again to everyone for their advice!


Glad it worked out. Too bad it’s always a hassle.
And your right…Efour rocks :sunglasses: