A New Youtuber?

Was browsing online today and stumbled across our very own @mkpokecc having a youtube channel.

His videos are awesome. Definitely check them out!


Loved this. Good job Mike.

Thanks for sharing…PT

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Really like his videos so far! Looking forward to see more :grin:

Those muscles! daaang jalous XD

Awesome! Thank you for the shoutout and the support. I was definitely nervous about putting myself out there but it’s been fun so far and I am looking forward to sharing more!


hehe cool.

you look like somebdoy else i know haha, So random. he is a rugby player.

your video is quite funny, and nice short / sweet is the way to go i think! :blush:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed them!

Hahaha can’t say I have ever played rugby though!

You talking about Steve?

Lol yeah… Haha but Steve has wider shoulders though.

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Hmmmm I can read between the lines…my shoulders need work! I’ll get in an extra set today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Always looking for decent YouTubers to watch when I need to kill time at work when I’m on nights so I gave you a sub :blush:


Thanks I appreciate the sub! :blush:

What is the link to the channel?

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You’ve stolen Scott’s trademark sit down at the beginning! Although yours was more of a jump - you better hope he doesn’t sue…

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Hahaha I better lawyer up! But really I didn’t even noice that, I shall do all future videos standing


Mike has a solid into! I personally go with the Blue Steel look. Sometimes I like to mix it up with La Tigre, or Ferrari. :wink: :blush:


Are those zoolander references!??


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Mike, I have followed you! Great job!