7/21/12 - Emolga BW25

Due to the Earthquake and Tsunami, this card was never released, making it extremely rare. I personally love the artwork, and am very sad it was never released as I LOVE Emolga.

I was about to complain about the image size and ask if you could find a bigger/better one, but then I read that the card was never released :laughing:

It does look like a lovely card though. I find that most every Emolga card looks good

Didn’t a seller on ebay have the Emolga and Druddigon set listed for 10k?

Probably a Pokemon higherup that had possession of the few sets that were printed.

I wish they had eventually released it and Druddigon later. *sigh*

I believe the seller was a scammer… i dont think even a higherup would have a hold of unreleased cards… i think we will never see them for sale

I remember seeing it listed but didn’t think too much about it. I definitely think that most were destroyed but a few kept some.

I dont think they were kept… but if there were some examples kept, they will difinitely NEVER come to public

I love the art on this card, but if I had to pick a favorite emolga, it would have to be the one in dragons exalted. This emolga, though… I just love the history behind it, it’s a shame they may never be released.