What happened to BW-P Promos 27-31?

Do any of you guys who collect Japanese cards know anything? It’s so weird that they just… skipped over a batch of numbers for the BW-P promo set and just never went back to them as far as I know? :thinking:

ETA: I just noticed that their numbers came between the February 2011 and March 2011 Gym Challenge pack promos. Did the earthquake have something to do with these promos being shelved?

didnt some of them get released b4 the earthquake even happened though?

Reina Sierpe, here’s your thread:

And here the auction:

So those Emolga and Druddigon promos never got released either? I suppose that explains why I’ve never seen them listed anywhere…

Sorry for the mega bump, but I’m hunting BW-P 27. We know 28-31, any idea on 27?

028 ☐ Grass Energy
029 ☐ Water Energy
030 ☐ Psychic Energy
031 ☐ Metal Energy

Japan Tsunami 2011… the cards were washed away!

I’m okay if it was a just a trophy card because I’m far more interested in collecting cards of Pokemon. I find it really frustrating that we’ve even SEEN the Emolga and Druddigon but they’ll never be released. >_<

Yes, that’s a real problem for collectors. It’s like the greyhounds at the racetrack chasing that fake rabbit;)