BW-P 25-31 [Never Issued]

So I was researching some Energy Cards and I came across these 7 cards that were never released. 1 of them hasn’t even been revealed at all.

The explanation is a pretty decent one:
“This card was planned to be awarded as a BW-P Promotional card alongside Druddigon to those qualified for the 2011 World Championships; however, since the tournaments in Japan were cancelled due to the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, it was never released.”

And it’s the same story for all 7 cards.

My question is. Does anyone have information about these being issued/given away AFTER they were supposed to? I imagine if a couple slipped out they would be a pretty hot ticket.

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Are there any images for the cards?

Iirc near the that time someone had the 2 promos listed for a ridiculous price but as the event got cancelled the listing was taken down by the seller soon after.

Must say I really like the art for both o those cards, I was hoping that if they were able to be found that they would at least be appealing and it turns out they are! Are you gonna start a quest to find them house?

If I thought that when I eventually found(if I ever did, really) any of them that they wouldn’t be asking hundreds if not a thousand dollars, I might. But I won’t because I wouldn’t be able to afford the end game of the search.

Ah fair play, i think that these unknown cards etc really make pokemon as a hobby, there are always undiscovered things from the past popping up!


027 is drudigon?

This is why i hate collecting the BW set. english and japanese = incomplete

As the Japan qualifiers were scheduled to be held in May but the cancellation was announced two months earlier, I think it’s safe to guess that the cards were never printed at all.


And just like that… its over :stuck_out_tongue: