7/15/13- Tepig/Pignite/Emboar-EX Battle Boost

I was looking through the new Japanese set EX Battle Boost, and let me just say, wow. There are some amazing cards in this set. Even those of you who don’t like newer cards would like this set.

I particularly liked this evolution’s cards. I like how it shows a different side of Pokemon; how they’re not only used to battle. They’re also part of the family.

What’re your guy’s opinions on not only these cards, but on the entire set itself?

I love the Tepig/Pignite/Emboar set. That’s the only cards I really like because it does show a different side of pokemon. I would buy the EBB set, but I want to hold off on it just in case it gets released in English.

I do like this set, but as i remember some of the exs are reprints aren’t they? If they are I will prob just buy the cards with nice artwork and not with a complete set.

Oh yeah you should post the Secret Rare gold cards… Those are pretty as well

An English exclusive set would sure be nice.

-A Trubbish being dumped by a garbage truck, only to befriend a Phione who then takes Trubbish to go play with Empoleon

-Charmeleon accidently burning Swablu´s wing while taking a nap.

-Bouffalant coming along throughout the snow who saves 2 Natu from the cold.

--------> You took these from someone :wink:
I do love this set!

I just opened a box, and am quite amazed. I think the non-ex Zekrom is beautiful – as are a bunch of other cards (like the oddly-hieroglyphic reshiram)

*edit* also, I don’t know if this is a first, but there’s reverse holo versions of the normal cards as well. Pretty sweet.

I agree about the artwork - its positive and sweet. For the time being, I try to stray away from new cards and would never consider collecting the newest English sets, but I might have to make an exception (the Imakuni is just icing on the cake - but I already bought one :stuck_out_tongue:). Thanks for posting this!

*Fingers crossed for at least a partial English release*

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Anyone know what the pull rates are like for this set?

Much higher than normal on EXs. I’m pretty sure 5+ per box is average.