6/27/12 - Pokemon Fan Club

A bit early, but I was bored ;D

I personally love the artwork. Mew, Minun, and Plusle are some of my favorite Pokemon, so having them all on one card makes them even better.

Woah, where is this card from?
It looks so nice!~

It’s a Daisuki Promo

I like all the other Pokemon on the card too, especially the Meowth and the Weedle on the boy’s head :3

It was released in English in the POP 4 set too.

I like the girls on the card… but okay Mew and pikachu are cute as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted one of these for so long…how much are they worth?? the artwork is excellent i agree :sunglasses:

Around $100

lol poke-geri, I also like the girls on the card :grin: we should make a thread to cast the nicest girls on pokemon cards! ;D

It has to be one of my favourite trainers too :grin:

Is the POP version $100 too? Because this card is super cute.

The English POP version was made readily available, unlike the Japanese version, so the price is much much lower. professor-oak currently has one (but only one) for sale for under $2, and T&T’s price is under $1 but they have none in stock currently.

haha yeah we should do that ;D I should start collecting “Pokemon Girls cards”… this would be nice ;D

Sweet! Thank you, Frost~