2010 Lottery Promo's actual values?

I’ve been looking for the Lottery Promo (ungraded) versions of Raikou,Entei, Ho-oh and Luiga for quite a while now.
But I can’t seem to find them.
A while ago a Ho-oh in Nearmint condition showed up on eBay priced for $1180…which seems overpriced to me.
Realistically seen, what would be a good price to pay for any of these lotteries? (I paid $110 for the Lottery Suicune…doubt I’ll find the others this cheap :stuck_out_tongue:)

Nice to see you have joined the site.

As for your question in my opinion you will be looking anywhere between $800-$1800 for a both set A and B depending on the conditions ofcourse. The Lugia and Ho-Oh have been selling for $500-900 in the past year but the legendary dogs havent been seen as much this year unless iv missed a lot of autions but even they fetch around the same price in nrmint - mint condition.

The Ho-oh you mention is way too expensive especially in the condition it is in. The price you paid for the suicune was what it was going for back in 2010 as sealed sets used to fetch 30k yen back in 2010 so your suicune is probably worth double if its in mint condition.

I personally sold my graded set which were all 10’s apart from the lugia which was a 9 for $1750 back in January.


Hey Ali,

To be honest, that’s not as much as I thought for either Set A or Set B. This kinda just shows how overpriced stff on eBay can be. Now that I know they’re pretty afforable, I really need to get my hands on at least Raikou and Entei to comlplete the set. Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

Suicune is indeed in Mint Condition. I wasn’t sure about buying it back then but I’m so glad I did :3

Aren’t there 1,000 copies of these?

I am somewhat surprised by the higher prices as they are newer promos which are easier to find in mint condition.

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I’m pretty new in the collecting of higher end cards like these (to me they are at least :stuck_out_tongue:)
I solely rely on eBay to buy my cards, so if they don’t appear there, I won’t find them =[

(I’m hoping to find some more on this forum through other people ^^)