L-P Lottery Entei Suicune Raikou

Hey, I wasn’t sure whether to put this in the sell/price discussion thread. I’m looking to sell these three cards, but wanted to know their value first.

The three cards are:

062/L-P Entei
063/L-P Suicune
064/L-P Raikou

All are in mint condition

I can’t find them on eBay, except Jimmy Hume has the Ho-oh and Lugia counterparts listed at $500 a piece.

I was thinking the three-card set would be worth around $500-700? Can anyone confirm/give me their opinion? Thanks!

I keep getting confused - these are the lottery cards right? If so, $500 seems a bit on the pricey side (but still reasonable) to me

Here some data.

L-P Lottery Entei Suicune Raikou 3 card set, Y!J sales: 41,000 (June 2011), 23,500 (Oct 2010), and 23,700 (Sep 2010) Yen; ebay sale: $450 (April 2011, seller m786ali).

L-P Lottery Ho-oh and Lugia 2 card set, Y!J sales: 35,000 (July 2011), 30,500 (Mar 2011), and 18,200 (Sep 10) Yen.

With that in mind I’d say fair price for the 3 card 062—064/L-P set is about $450-500.

I’m always looking for bargains and would take the set in mint condition for $300, if offered.