2010 japanese shiny lottery entei promo

Hey guys…i was doing some searching for this card because i want to be a second one for my collection, and i cant find any of the 3 legendary dog set from the 2010 lottery. I am particularly looking for the entei. I know there only 1,000 made of each card so i know its pretty rare. But has anyone actually seen any of these sell? What is a fair price to pay for one of these in mint condition?! Any help would be great. Thanks in advance! :heart_eyes:

This is the exact card i am talking about ---->

Not to derail: but how about the Lugia and Ho-Oh lottery promos?

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not sure if it helps, but I think I sold my complete sealed set (entei, raikou, suicune, ho-oh, lugia) for $1000

I just got these graded for my personal collection and they got good grades so that should add to their value :blush:

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