Shining Lottery promos

Hey all, just wondering what the price range is on some lottery singles. Particularly the ho oh and suicune. Ungraded. Thanks!

The price range for these have been from low hundred to the $1-1.2k mark for complete sealed sets. I would say for single mint condition cards if you find them that is you will look to pay atleast $150-250. That being said it isnt easy to find singles as they usually sell as a set either the 2 birds together or the 3 legenday dogs.

Recent sales of singles for the sucuine on its own in a lot on YJ with a few lower valued promo went for 15k yen iirc and the winner graded it (PSA10) and sold it for ~$400 on ebay. Another lot inc Ho-Oh sold for 20k iirc a couple months back.


So the hunt begins :wink:


There’s a few psa 10 singles on eBay at them moment for $4k each…

Don’t you worry, they won’t go that high. :grin: I’m sure seller has far lower price in mind which he will accept.


I love that lugia though! If money wasn’t the issue if already have that lugia in my display cabinet :stuck_out_tongue: