$1000 what if.

Hi all! Have been thinking about this question for a while. For $1000 usd what would you buy tcg wise? Only rule is there is no chance for resale. Has to stay in your collection. None of this investment hoohah haha! Not looking for investment tips just what youd buy for your collection, goals or otherwise!

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For $1,000 I would buy a complete MINT Haymaker deck from the original base set tournament days, with the scyther from Jungle, then go about to local game stores, ask for someone to teach me how to play, then whip it out and lay waste to all those that still play super legacy, original TCG. There has to be one or two people out there somewhere.


I would just buy all the WOTC holos or some of my fave artworks I can get and probably frame them on a wall or a nice binder. Since it’s not an investment, I’d definitely favor quantity.

The original scyther was one of the best cards in the game back then. lol swords dance was so OP

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A raw mint 6-8 Eevee Fan Club card! That would be the $1000 limit in value & I wouldnt resell it! Or maybe a graded 5 as long as the holo looks pretty!

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I would buy basically all the dirt cheap/low end english promo cards that are still missing from my collection. Probably also a Prerelease Clefable or some japanese cheap promos. I’ve missed out on a lot of deals because of the “fill the binder” syndrome, so I just want to focus on the “real” cards

As many ungraded gold stars, crystals, and shining cards as i could fit in the $1000 range.

Due to a side collectible need I’d grab a better vesuvan doppelganger(alpha). I don’t have a $1000 Pokémon want right now.


Me too Gary… One of the greatest artworks imo.


Hoover could flat out do it:)

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Probably the more expensive ex-cards from the ex-era sets. Team Rockets ex cards, that one suicune ex from magmavsaqua which looks INCREDIBLE.

You might need more than $1k if you want a decent copy :grin:

Edit: Btw high quality scan if the original art if you’re interested i.imgur.com/XcMMmEW.jpg

More champion DCE if anymore get listed for sale. I only need the Oceania variant to have a complete set, but I won’t complain if I ended up with some doubles :wink:

Not sure everything that can afford exactly. Maybe a high graded 1st ed. base Venusaur or 1st ed. MFC Dark Magician Girl come to mind

Why? You can never resell or anything. You could probably find a raw Venusaur for $200 or less.

I just feel like going for graded copies is stupid in this scenario. You could cover the price of full holo sets rather than going for single 9s or 10s.

Buy all the non-SR/HR Japanese GX cards (lower cost) because they look awesome together in a binder.

Not too sure how many GXs $1000 can get but I am pretty sure it will be almost be completion.

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That assumes nobody ever buys high grade cards for their own enjoyment, and absolutely only does so for the purpose of reselling.

Fill in whatever card that is worth near 1000$ raw then, if that feels better.

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Great replies! Id buy a 1st ed blastoise ungraded. As good i could find.

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I didn’t say that at all. Even the most serious collectors would not pay 5-10x the premium on cards that basically become worthless the instant you buy them. That’s all I’m saying.

Because the way OP put it, that’s what it is. You could be like Gary and never intend to sell, but you’re still buying into investment grade cards you can pass down to your family or you can actually sell on a rainy day.

psa 10 shadowless card, one of the holos maybe venusaur if i could grab it at that price!!

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