zorua and zoroark illustration prize cards

What are these cards worth? how rare are they?


660 sets according to bulbapaedia. I don’t see them being offered for sale very often. Very hard to find in mint condition.

I have a sealed set. I’ve only seen about 5 sold on YJ! (one of which I bought) in the past few years. Jimmy used to have an opened, slightly used set listed on his site for $710, but it says it’s sold out now.


Yea that listing is what peaked my interests. Didn’t realize how valuable these cards were

I agree.

And sealed doesn’t necessarily mean the cards are mint. I know this from experience. :slightly_frowning_face:


I was so scared that would happen to the BW-P you helped me snag.

I opened one of those PLAY promo packs and two of the cards inside had dented corners. :\

Oh no :slightly_frowning_face:

Wow fading in a sealed pack?? That’s nuts! I can see the indents if the pack was slightly abused. It is sad though that pack fresh cards don’t have a higher ratio of gem mint cards. I mean you’d think 98% of them should be gem mint out of the pack as long as the pack wasn’t abused.