Zacian V secret rare eventual value

Today I pulled the gold secret rare Zacian from a booster and was curious about what you think the value will be in the future if it grades PSA 10. Would it’s highest point more likely be now when it’s relevant to standard, or given it’s the secret rare will it increase? I assume not by much but I figured I’d ask.

Modern cards have a bunch of different factors playing in terms of price. If the card is highly playable then the raw card is usually at an inflated price until it rotates out. Then you have the whole hype factor. If the card is popular, price is inflated.

It usually takes a few years for a card to really settle in price.

Long-term collectors will value a card for different factors - harder to grade is better if you have gem 10 PSA, rarer is better, older is better. Bonus points if the card has desirable art, popular pokemon, or a history behind it (unique release or back history etc.). Collectors do not care about how playable the card is.

You kind of have to factor in all of the above to decide what to do.


itll probably be worth $69,420 in about 16 years


Just got out of my Delorean. The exact price is $011,011,000,110,111,101,101,100


@tropicmonkey16, It’s so difficult to tell on modern product. The print runs are higher which means that there will most likely be more available in the future. Also, Pokemon is more popular now so there may be a notable increase in that card when the kids that are getting into Pokemon now want to buy back a piece of their childhood. Much like most of us are doing on here. It’s fun to try and predict what cards will hold some value overtime but at the end of the day, I would just advise you to collect what you like. If that’s a card you like, then hold onto it!


Adjusted for post-covid hyperinflation?

Hold on lemme grab my crystal ball. I just need to get out of my hot tub time machine and set down my magic 8 ball to get it.


A few thoughts on this;

  • Obviously have to consider the facts: modern has much higher supply, could potentially be reprinted at any given time, easier to grade 10s, etc etc - unfortunately the fundamentals aren’t particularly strong.
  • Modern cards (namely chase cards at the highest grades) could increase in value over time in a similar manner to WOTC cards, *IF* their sets aren’t reprinted. Because of the poorer fundamentals it would likely take a longer period of time for this to happen, plus the ROI just simply wouldn’t be as good because of the much higher availability of modern cards.
  • There’s a chance that kids collecting right now will go through the same life transitions as us; be young & collect → become a teenager & pokemon cards become “lame”, stop collecting → forget about/lose/sell their collection → get to working age, increased discretionary income, yearn for their childhood as they become nihilistic in their mid-to-late twenties & suddenly want the cards they grew up with → willing to pay a premium to get them back → prices go up. I honestly don’t think this will play out in exactly the same way for them as it did for us though. Simply because there’s now plenty of evidence that Pokemon cards have investment potential and it’ll be less likely that those collections will simply be tossed out as easily as ours were.

The long and short of it is: the card is a popular one, it has great art, you can guarantee kids in the playground will be in awe over it, so yes the card probably will be worth more in the future (though it’s uncertain exactly how long it will take), and because of the not-as-good-as-wotc fundamental aspects of modern cards as an investment asset, don’t expect to see the same meteoric rise in value. Modern will never beat WOTC and the exclusive promo cards as an investment asset. It will likely see a return in the long run, providing a few factors play out in its favour.


Time is the most challenging factor with modern. It could be 10+ years before it starts pushing up in value as a collectible.

More than now.

@tropicmonkey16 , shirt answer: no idea.

Long answer: no idea.

Theres honestly no exact way of pinpointing things of this nature. Even when it came to vintage cards from WOTC, no one had a clue. People can only speculate, make good assumptions based on what they see, and make moves based on what they would feel best. This being said, your choices on what to do with said card are up to you, so take time to think about it, research on these topics, and follow the results and your best instinct.


It will be valuable to those who treasure the card and grow up with it. The conflict arises when those people who treasure it see a charizard and become attached to that too.
Would you rather speculate and put money into something that will take a while to even start appreciating or would you rather put your money into another speculative asset that has appreciated significantly over the course of its lifetime already with potential to grow?

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:fpalm: being able to take my misspelling and making it and instant meme… now this is true talent.


I expect all SWSH1 singles to drop once SWSH3 is released with the 2 pack blisters. The 2 pack blisters are very cheap, comes down to about $60 a 36 packs.

Definitely agree with this point. With vintage you are investing in something which is scarce, finite, genuinely loved and holds nostalgia that may never be matched by another generation. With modern, perhaps it is genuinely loved by quite a few, but it is not scarce, it is currently being printed so we don’t know the scale of availability, and it may not hold much nostalgia in the future. If most people are holding onto modern and hoping for price rises in the future, you have to ask the question of who in 10 years is going to he buying it/competing for it and driving prices up? Is the demand going to outweigh the supply?

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Petition for this to be posted everytime someone asks the forum to speculate on future prices


I think the better gold cards from SWSH era of sets are the shiny pokemon. SWSH Base set skipped this and had the legendary dogs which have a high price tag now for a raw card cause of play ability with the actual game. I can’t see PSA 10 adding big premiums for it and will likely stay in the 100-150 range for a while.

The gold shiny pokemon though I like much more, probably won’t have amazing growth either but people love shiny pokemon and I do think the pull rate for them is pretty low. PSA 10 would add more premium and more people will want all the shinnies, higher future demand IMO.

to the OP (although I realize this thread is old-ish): if you love the card, then keep it. But I entirely agree with gengarcollects and a few others: the reality is that nobody knows if modern Pokemon product will play out like WotC.

I personally doubt it, for reasons that have already been mentioned, as well as one very important factor that doesn’t appear to have been mentioned: the demographics of modern Pokemon card collectors. Of the people currently collecting modern Pokemon cards, a very large portion are teenagers or older – often people returning to their childhood passion. Whereas for WotC and EX-era Pokemon cards, the demographic was almost entirely 18 and younger. There was no childhood passion of collecting Pokemon cards for the 25-30 year olds of 2005 to return to: Pokemon cards had only been around for 6 years. But in 2020? I would bet that a very significant portion (and undoubtedly a much higher percentage than during WotC/EX-era) are over 18. So, of the people currently contributing to the demand for modern product, how many will be likely to return to it out of nostalgia? Many, many fewer, IMO. People don’t get nostalgic for things they did when they were 18-25 – they get nostalgic for things they did in their early to mid-childhood. The reason why WotC Pokemon cards especially are currently (and will almost certainly continue to be) in such high demand is because the current collector base was in their early to mid-childhood when they started collecting.

Sure, there are some amount of young children collecting Pokemon cards in 2020. But I would guess that the demand for modern Pokemon cards is largely from adults. Even if there are fewer adults than children collecting, the disparity in purchasing power will lead to the illusion that the giant size of the modern print runs are a result of demand from children. I just don’t think this is the case. So I am pretty confident that modern Pokemon product won’t move nearly as much in price as WotC/EX-era cards will. The EX-era is interesting in the sense that collectors were, like in the WotC-era, primarily young children. But there were much fewer collectors generally; it just wasn’t as giant and hyped as it was during the WotC-era. So the print runs were much smaller. But the modern print runs, owing (IMO) largely to adult collectors, are absolutely gargantuan in comparison. So I think that is why the EX-era is appreciating in value much like WotC. Anyway, this was a tangent – just collect what you enjoy. If you enjoy Zacian V, then collect the hell out of it. But I think it’s incredibly risky to invest in it (to a certain extent, all Pokemon cards are risky to ‘invest’ in – but modern cards even more so).

Zacian should hold as chase cards for the set. Pretty sweet cards, those dogs. And Gold Ball :blush: