YU NAGABA returns - Eeveelutions collaboration

Seems like this is mimicking the yu nagaba pikachu release. People fomoing the first 2 days but then the prices plummeted due to massive print runs.

In this case prices are dropping like a rock so i’ll be getting these promos in some weeks.

they’ve essentially doubled in a day. they were below retail for like half a day on mercari, then pcj said the promotion is over and now they’re about 2000+ yen per pack. I think the pika promotion lasted over a week.

Pikachu was double for some days then plummeted the following weeks.

Just got this from my ebay seller:

"Pokemon terminated its Yu Nagaba Eeveelution campaign in about 24 hours after they started on 5/24. Additionally Pokemon Center Japan announced that delivery would take more than 3 weeks. The press release was made at 9 pm on 5/25 in Japan time.
I have already been receiving cancellation from guys who I bought from.
Handling time was set at 10 business days. It is nearly impossible to fulfill your order.
Please allow me to cancel.

Here is the Pokemon Center press release on 5/25

And now be just canceled it. How can I still leave some Feedback to warn others of this seller?

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hopefully these do as well, but I’m not keeping my hopes up since they sold out so quick.

I’m looking forward to receiving these promos as much as the next collector, but when you step back and take stock of this situation it’s really quite bizarre just how much the prospect of free cardboard affects people’s behaviour.


Not to generalize too much and lump all people in the same basket, but since the release was on a Wednesday a work day at that, I can imagine the vast majority of people who have the time to line up on a week day probably feel like getting this stuff now is going to be their only chance. Especially in-store promos. Unfortunately stuff like this doesn’t read well to the general public so it’s probably going to be the end of in-store promotions for a long time, I imagine.

I wonder how many people entered the raffle for the prints.

I bit the bullet to purchase one of the special boxes. I wonder if the person I purchased it off comes through.

Am I reading this right? Are they lying or did I misunderstand the issue? The issue was that they sold out, and they had listings for items they don’t have in inventory or on order at all, right?

Maybe it’s a language barrier thing. Ah well.

Pokemon Center sent out an email saying shipments might take up to 3 weeks; I think that’s what they’re referring to

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Okay. Yeah that’s I thought. Thank you.

Am I correct that the “booster packs” are just one random card from the set?

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Correct. You get one pack for every 1,000 yen spent during the promotion. Each pack has a random promo from the 9 possible cards


What’s the amount of packs needed to have say a 95% chance of pulling at least one of each of the cards? My probability knowledge doesn’t go far enough to know how to calculate that.

I believe this is binomial distribution but my brain literally has rust on it (doctors are baffled). Curious about the math now too.

I think this is just a simple case of making an assumption on the odds of not pulling the card - I.E. 8/9 or ~89% chance it isn’t pulled.

Opening 26 packs would give you a 95% probability that you’d get every card.

Happy to share the math if it helps!


Why is Umbreon typically more expensive over the other Eeveelutions?
Lowest list on eBay: Umbreon is $43.67, and the other 8 cards are $19.50

Is that a joke I don’t understand? :smiley:

Umbreon has always been the most sought after and most popular Eeveelution in the rankings, which is usually reflected in its price.

75% joke, 25% serious. It’s just crazy that 8 are the same price, but Umbreon is more than double


I am glad. Because I was very confused that this question was coming especially from you :joy: :joy:

But I guess that’s just Pokémon. Popular Pokémon demand a premium.

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