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Hi guys I’ve recently been trying to learn about other areas of collectibles (Comics,Toys,Games,Old Movie Posters etc) and wanted to ask if you guys recommend any other youtube channels/websites or patreons similar to Scotts for those areas where I can expand my knowledge base. It can either be specific to one thing like Pokemon cards or a broad channel/website that discusses a range of a certain subject such as old toys. I have searched the forum and don’t really see a thread for this so posted, cheers.

You should watch the toys that made us on netflix. Is a pretty cool series that goes into the history of toys like G.I Joe and Starwars


Lots of E4 members have fantastic youtube channels. An incomplete list of some, in no particular order:

TCA Gaming
Gem Mint Pokemon
FourthStarTCG (myself)


Another channel i haven’t watched in a while is knerdout. They do toy and movie reviews but ususlly end up in a tangent about some other 70s collectable.

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Thanks for the recommendation, never heard of the show before will definitely be watching them, looks interesting.

I actually watched your most recent podcast the other day and enjoyed it. I must look into playlists of channels more often as I tend to just check out recent videos and most of those are usually looking at newer card sets as well as pack openings which don’t interest me, so I generally just move on and probably miss out on some good videos because of it. I just presume that’s the main focus of the channel and that sort of content doesn’t really do anything for me. I didn’t really specify in the original post either but I’m preferably looking for older collectibles around and pre the Pokemon era, but also something other than Pokemon. Appreciate the responses so far, cheers.

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Thanks will check this out also.

I’ve been watching @jcincy101 's new channel lately while I sort cards,


I think yugiohtube is a little draggy but good info. I still recall his old video when he compared the three different bewds and opined which had most potential; bewds went for around 1k or so then for both dds and lob. At that time most people felt dds was the grail and not lob.

He explained why lob would be more valuable over time and it pretty much played out exactly like he foretold. It’s now a 10k usd + card now.


Yeah i’d recommend Tim as well. There’s not many YGO ‘investing/collecting’ channels and he is one of the few.

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Toy Galaxy would be my recommendation. I’ll let them explain what the channel is all about:

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I was going to recommend him as well, but saw that you didn’t mention yugioh specifically so I didn’t chime in — but definitely him for Yugioh.

Thanks everyone for the recommendations, will be checking them all out. @cman I don’t have anything specific in mind really as mentioned above just looking into older collectibles around and pre the Pokemon era, comics/toys/movie posters etc. I understand it’s a wide scope :grin:

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