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Hey all! I was lucky enough to be recommended to this forum so thanks for those that were here before me. I have not collected Pokemon cards in years, since the Gen 2 days, but have recently become interested in doing so again. Now obviously, I have missed out on A LOT in the Pokemon world, other than picking up some more recent games like ORAS. There seems to be a wealth of information regarding these cards now and it is somewhat intimidating to be honest. I have done Google searches, looked on Youtube and learned a little more that way. I have not bought any cards yet as I would like to be more informed before I do. So I was wondering if there are threads/videos/books/etc. that you guys know of that cover all the different sets in depth? Or where the best place to find all this information is? Also, how did the majority of you start collecting? Was it various cards over numerous sets or did you focus on finishing one set at a time like the Base Set?

Any information and advice is greatly appreciated!

3 Likes is a good site to take a look at all the sets in chronological order and check off what you have. Also a good way to see the artwork from them if you are having trouble deciding where to start.

Collect what you enjoy. There are endless ways to collect these cards and you will see a large variety on this site. Graded/undraded, sets, English/Japanese/other, all of one pokemon, only certain sets, trophies, errors, promos, miscuts etc…

I am personally on a mission to collect one of every English set card to complete a near mint binders for each of those sets.


Listen to rattlebear’s advice. Collect what you like, and you will always be satisfied. Whatever set, species, etc you gravitate towards, go for that. My first purchases were all the WOTC holos I wanted as a kid but never could get them. Purely nostalgic motivation. As one of the veteran collectors on this forum once said: “do the hobby your way” :blush:

The short answer is that as long as you stay involved and engaged in your collecting and the general collecting community, you will slowly acquire the relevant knowledge

What helped me was looking at sold listings on ebays and prices on troll and toad and got a general gist of prices to go off before I bought anything.

I’m still pretty new so I’m not sure if this advice is great, but it helped me.

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If you haven’t yet hit the YouTube button to watch SMPRATTE videos. He covers both vintage and modern cards and is a great source of info! I found a lot of awesome cards from his videos :blush:

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Great article and great advice.


Two big pieces of advice:

1.) Collect what you like. Period. If you like WOTC stuff, collect that. If you like EX stuff, collect that. If you like XY and Sun and Moon, collect that. If you like all of it? Collect all of it. Just don’t force yourself to buy something just because everyone else likes it. Go by YOUR feelings.

2.) Don’t take on too many things at once. Trust me: you’ll get overwhelmed and you’ll end up not knowing what you really want. Focus on one set at a time and take it from there.

Focus is a key component of collecting. Take a look at a bunch of cards on and ask yourself: Is there a particular set I like? Is there a certain Pokémon (or evolution line) I like? Also see if you enjoy the artwork of a particular illustrator? Any answer to those questions could be a collection. Some people collect for a certain set (vintage or modern), some people collect their favorite Pokémon (in multiple languages) and some go by a certain Illustrator. Heck, some people are trying to get one of every type of energy card or one of every cards’ backside variant.

It can be totally overwhelming, but you’ll develop the knowledge and your personal taste over time.
Just breathe and pick something you enjoy!

This is a good place to start. It tells you how many copies there are of each card, as well as what the most recent proces were at the time they were sold.

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Keep in mind these are prices for PSA graded cards.


I appreciate all the advice! Being as I started with the WOTC cards when I was younger, I’m planning on starting there. Base, Jungle, all the Neo sets, etc. provide the most nostalgia for me and I can see completing these being the most satisfying for me right now. I’ll be taking a look at all the links you guys provided.


Budget, budget, budget!

Don’t go splurt money because you can, or that you see a card cheap. Buy what you want, not what you can.
Also for graded cards; buy the card, not the grade.

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Even this thread with advice is getting overwhelming, which is a good thing, of course. :wink:

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