Your thoughts on these prices?

So I was just generally browsing through ebay at booster boxes and saw a legendary collection booster box. I’ve made a thread in the past about how the price of these boxes have increased, however this box is listed for £1000.

The same seller has a few other boxes here:

Looks like a case of showing off his collection as opposed to actually wanting to sell.

More likely isn’t desperate or looking to get rid of his collection unless he can get a very overhyped price for them. Everyone does it.

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This would be my guess as well.
Attracts page views and such.

I was looking at that one for awhile. I agree with milhouses opinion.

I wanted that Ex Crystal Guardians box he had. I bought one from Italy from
a seller with several boxes/packs for $275. This guy had his box for 450 GDP.
That is a rediculous price gap.