Your rarest card?

I read through the thread you linked from 12 years ago and it seems to be just a discussion comparing and contrasting it to other rare cards at the time. I also have no idea who the wayne guy is or why he was suspended. Looks like it happened all the way back in 2012 which was many years before I was active here :rabbit2:

My bad - I think I was confusing it with this thread which is where the authenticity is more questioned (you posted on that thread :slight_smile: )


20th Anniversary Festa :heart:


I have never heard claims of them being fake, just having very questionable source of release. Any authenticator can ensure they’re real and have been stamped in a process matching cards with an official release. It’s more that there is no way of ensuring there were only a certain number were handed out, how they were handed out, whether or not there’s a pile of them sitting in someone’s garage, etc (pardon the conspiracy cap.)

Not throwing my opinion in the mix at all, I just think that origin has been the hesitancy rather than whether or not they’re real cards! They’re an insane addition to any collection and I’m glad you are letting us all see them!


There are 6 munchlax graded with psa.

So if anyone has this munchlax for sale for a price that dosent involve me selling a kidney that would be great as it officially the only munchlax I’m missing in English.

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How rare is this beautiful card? I have not seen it before, but now I want one!

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Now there’s a card I lust after!


Some of those will be re-grades. I know of 2 raw copies.


I also found last sold was a psa 7 in 2021 for 2k usd

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My rarest Japanese cards are:

Unlimited L1 Cyndaquil and Totodile starters

Unlimited E1 Bulbasaur and Feraligatr

My rarest other languages are:

Russian Charizard EX, Full art Kangaskhan and Magnezone EXs.

I don’t own any rare English cards, haha.


bw unlimited (these 4 were the most challenging for me to find) & a rayquaza 145/bw-p


Hi, im not sure if thesetwo are even rare at all, they look rare but Ive never really seen many of these around bfr. Can someone pls tell me what it is


Hi, lovely cards you’ve got. These cards are from the Indonesian version of Celebrations/25th Anniversary Collection called 25th Anniversary Collection: Koleksi Perayaan 25 Tahun.



Ah tq but is it rare??

Oh i got it from this pack :slight_smile: technically its only one card tho. It was a prize bc i bought a lot of other packs :smiley:


In the grand scheme of things, not exactly. However, if it’s your rarest card then that’s all that really matters for this thread :slight_smile:


To quote Bulbapedia

In Indonesia, the promo packs were available [starting] on December 15, 2021. A promo pack were given to the customers who bought 4 Booster Packs or 1 Starter Deck on Indomaret, while 4 promo packs were given to the customers who bought 1 Box Booster Pack of 25th Anniversary Collection on certain hobby stores in Indonesia. The promo packs were also given as one of the prizes to the winners who participate at “Koleksi Pokémonku” (My Pokémon Collection) challenge from December 15, 2021 to February 2022

So it’s not really rare, probably comparable to TPCi store promos.


Thanks, its not really my rarest card tho, i have some rarer ones . :slight_smile: Just wanted to ask what this actually was

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