Your Favourite Promo Card!

If the entire card is holo … then that heart holo effect must look so good

You sold me. I’m looking for it.

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The pika in the suit is what I need in my life now :melting_face:

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This card always reminds me of the giant dragonite Pokémon episode … you would think it would remind me of the movie but that episode lives rent free in my head always lol

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LOL this card is amazing , I had no idea this existed , who is this poke dude ?? I have some info too look up

This art looks super cute and … I feel like this card being under 5.5k copies is also pretty big bucks

These two are beautiful! Man the holo on these just slaps

The amount of Promos I’m seeing like this one that look so beautiful and I had no idea they existed should be a crime :disappointed:

It’s like the most epic art of Pokémon Crystal I have ever seen

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I’m the same. My favourite cards aren’t expensive. They are ones from my childhood that bring back fond memories.


It’s actually the artist Yoshida on the card. Bulbapedia has some info on the release

Thank you !

Mine is Tropical Wind 2007 and also my favorite card for the entire hobby, because they feature the starters from the game which introduced me into Pokémon and it’s the whole reason of why I am here :cowboy_hat_face:


That is an awesome tropical wind ! I wish they kept going with this kind of idea

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2009 was my first staff and Worlds promo and I used it as my profile picture since then, so I think I will keep it because it’s also really special :rofl:


Yeah all the Kizuki years are my favorite cards in the hobby, I also collect Saito Tropical Beach and Champions Festival but the Tropical Wind / Tidal Wave style is better in my opinion :slight_smile:

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There is no way I could possibly choose a favorite but this one comes to mind as one of my favorites


OH MY GAWD :face_holding_back_tears: I remember watching Maxmoefoe opening the packs too these long ago and they all looked so so good !

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My favorite card in the hobby by far. Very fortunate to own a copy myself!

Also, over the last one year, I have started to really enjoy and appreciate the simplicity of the Professor Oaks Visit promo card. Not that easy to come by, so I will always pick up a copy if available.