Your Favourite Promo Card!

As the title suggests , what is your absolute favourite Promo ? If you have a pic of it that would be awesome! If you have it in your collection even better and congratulations!!

Trophies , Prize cards , contest winners, event promos etc doesn’t matter as long as it’s a Pokémon promotional card :partying_face:

For me …

The Master Scroll :face_holding_back_tears: behold its beauty as some of you may know already :smiling_face_with_tear::raised_hands:


a close runner up would be the Fan club Porygon for me too


Wishing you all an amazing weekend btw and thank you in advance for participating :raised_hands:


The iconic Grand Party for me !


That’s a beautiful promo card , I have never seen it in person but some have told me it’s holo is a site to see in person indeed



I used too wonder why everyone loved this card so much and why it was so much mula … I then looked up the history behind it and its art work and it helped me really appreciate this trophy card ! I would love too see this in person one day

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Has a snowflake pattern that makes it even better


___'s Mew is an underrated and forgotten promo in my opinion. It has to compete with CoroCoro Mew and Play 7,000 EXP Mew EX, so it gets overlooked.

But I think it’s one of the best arts ever made by Pokemon. Bonus points because it’s also illustrated by my favorite artist, Atsuko Nishida.

Here’s my copy.


Maybe one day I’ll get a PSA 5 :sob:


Indigo Plateau, Grand Party, Play Regis(Play in general I’d say,) all the gen 4 holo border ones like the scroll and the Key, early gen 3 black star, certain Trainer Mag cards etc.

If I had to pick one…not sure, but this one is certainly in the running. I don’t own it and I never will but it is a supreme card, esthetically speaking. They all are.


Good ol DP45. I still remember being in the store and seeing Charizard and Mewtwo Lv X tins. Good times.

(:scroll: is good too)


Promo cards are my favourite collect and of those I’ve always loved the W Stamped cards.

My all time favourite card is the Dark Chameleon which I’ve had since I was a kid and made my mum buy Kraft cheese to get it.


I’m happy with the ENG version, for now.



Amazing art with so much history :face_holding_back_tears:

The holo effect on this seems like it would hurt my eyes lol it’s a beautiful promo

HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTED !!! The nostalgia and its art is just so good !! One of the best if not the best old school chameleon arts. Just imagine if it had a holo pattern …. :eyes:

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It’s the holo border that always gets me , simply amazing

I know I will never truly own a trophy card , yet if I had too choose one JUST one besides the scroll … it would be this Pika :face_holding_back_tears: so so damn cute

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Personally, it’s the derpy looking ones :crazy_face:


I know there are cheaper versions of this art work out there that may fill the vibe but I could be mistaken !

I do love the history behind this card , the amount of knowledge you actually needed too know too win one is very impressive
I don’t know how much these go for for a psa 5-9 but I would love one too ! Although I think there super expensive more than a masters scroll possibly :smiling_face_with_tear: