Your choice!

Rayquaza. Very easy decision for me personally.

This is tough. My heart says Rayquaza is the card I would enjoy more in general, but I think the Scroll is more difficult to acquire and would probably have a sharper price trajectory. I say that from the perspective of “would i be okay potentially missing the opportunity to get the scroll meaning I may never get that card?”

I would probably go for the scroll, thinking i could get the rayquaza another time

lol but if you had too choose just one ? :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s a false choice. I’d get a clean PSA 6 Rayquaza and the best condition scroll I could with the rest of the money.


Rayquaza 100%.

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scroll all day

I’ll go with @pfm. Both, just lower grades. If I had to choose. Scroll.

I’m taking the scroll

ray just bc it goes with the two best gold stars

A surprising amount of answers for rayquaza. Scroll over ray any day of the week for me.

Rayquaza > Scroll

I don’t have much interest in the scroll or similar trophy cards that have limited (or no) inclusion of Pokemon.

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its literally artwork of a piece of paper :crazy_face:

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For me, it’s the ray… But these are both incredible cards, for real.

I enjoy Rayquaza more. I’ll pick the ray. The scroll is extremely rare and bling, but there’s no pokemon.

Not much different from a Master’s Degree and yet people also spend $20k on those


I would take the Scroll everytime since it is aligned with my collections goals. It is also a very gorgeous card and has a unique distribution history associated to it.


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I vote Scroll as well. Grades don’t matter to me after like PSA 5-6 if the front is clean but the availability of the scroll is just so low. Ray is easier to get cheaper

While I love the artwork on the Rekuza, I just can’t pass on the scroll.
It’s about actually processing it. It’s not just the rarity. I feel like the quaza is “expected”. I personally don’t like collecting what is typical, but carving my own goals. While the quaza is a perfectly worthy goal, the scroll provides more uniqueness and a bit more clout, IMO. Plus, I really only like the quaza for the art… A picture of which I can stare at whenever I want.

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After you enter the house and make your way all the way toward the back and the less trafficked areas, Ray is a gatekeeper to the room that holds the scroll you came for.


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The sacred Holy Grail Scroll, of course! :trophy::pray:

Easy question you’re asking, really. :rofl: