You get to make 1 wish for the Scarlet and Violet TCG era, what is it?

I just want a nice Girafarig and Farigiraf. Alt arts would be amazing, but I’m not even asking for that. Just awesome artworks of both mons.

Serialized Charizard & Umbreon TagTeamGoldStar in 1 of every 16384th booster case.


I wouldn’t mind seeing another round of amazing rares

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I would like to see a more exciting pack combination. Each pack could have a rare/reg holo slot, reverse Holo slot (that looks like an actual holo instead of the border) with a chance for a trainer gallery or whatever new thing they’re doing, and finally an Ultra rare slot where you pull at least the minimum ex card or better. It would be refreshing to pull let’s say, a regular holo/trainer gallery/ex in one pack. At minimum you would pull a non Holo rare/reverse Holo/ex.

Buying a single booster pack off the shelf would feel so much better, rather than pulling a reverse/non holo.