Yellowdiaper's Collection atm

Haven’t really posted here yet, but I’m a little active in the discord. Thought I’d share where I’m at in my collecting. Dogs are my favorite so I thought I’d show case them. The Neo cards were some of the first I started collecting back in 2013. The Dogs were probably my first set of legendaries to complete, as they were always my favorites in the games. Link to the imgur album:



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Hey Ghoul! (^-^)/

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I personally think the Raikou art is the best out of the dogs, and you have some heat hiding in that album dear lord wtf

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Now that’s a handsome collection.

But what is your opinion on the Legendary Dogs vs. Cats debate?

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I mean Entie barks. Cats don’t bark. Canonically they are drawn after the big cats, so I’m wrong regardless, I think… haha



Agreed! Raikou POG

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Great start of a collection thread! And welcome to the forum (and Discord). :blush:

I know this question wasn’t directed to me, but I personally always thought Entei was based on a lion; Raikou on a saber-toothed tiger; and Suicune on a wolf.

But if you want to know what Japanese mythological creatures all three are actually based on:

  • Entei is based on Shisa, the “guardian lion dog”
  • Suicune is based on Kirin, a deer-shaped dragon with ox’s tail, the most powerful creature in Japanese mythology (with phoenix and dragon being second and third place respectively)
  • Raikou is based on Raijū, the “thunder animal/beast”, usually depictured with a body composed of lightning in the form of a white and blue wolf or dog, although it can represent with other forms (see the huge list of animals on the Wikipedia page).

So they’re basically just mythological beasts, or catdogs if you will.



All 3 are AMAZING artwork and if was just one of them in a set, it’d probably be my favorite but, it’s so hard to choose a favorite out of the 3. Can’t blame anyone for choosing one over the other as their favorite but, I like the entei the most because of his stoic pose and the contrast between the deep blue holographic background against the red of entei.

definitely catdogs

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I’ve always loved the Legendary dog/cats. I even think those are the best artworks for the respective Pokémon, especially that Entei!!! He just looks so smug/proud. Great collection! :blush:

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These look amazing dude! Especially Suicune