Pokédogs and other stuff

Figured I’d share some of my favorite cards here. Before y’all judge, I know most of my cards aren’t very rare or significant in the greater scheme of things, I got most of em based on personal interest rather than value. Also sorry if these pics kinda suck, it’s night here so I couldn’t get any natural light like I’d have wanted to.

My Boltunds:

Last one here is odd, cus it’s the only V I’ve ever seen as a nonholo. Not an error but a strange choice on Pokemon’s part

Top right is so precious

Some graded ones just for funsies. Not that valuable but they spice things up a bit.

I’ve got most of the Boltunds at this point with another (Sonia’s) on the way (if it ever shows up, Japan free shipping yk). Idk whether I should get a copy of every card in both English and Japanese or just have one to display, getting both would be more complete but also feels kind of redundant.

Here are some of my Houndooms:

Both cool cards, the shiny is one of my favorites actually. Gold cards are always really pretty and it’s nice to see one with a Pokemon I like

Skyridge Houndoom. My favorite art on a Houndoom card, I just got it the other day. It’s been one of my dream cards since I was 12.
Originally thought about buying the reg just for the art, but I didn’t like the E-reader pattern so I went for reverse holo. Then I got caught up in an auction for the Japanese holo on a whim, lost it last second, then turned around and impulse bid on this one lol. Glad I did cus the holo version is stunning. Part of me wishes it wasn’t graded tho, but I couldn’t find one that was in good condition otherwise. I like having graded cards but for a card like this I’d like to be able to actually hold it instead of looking at it through a sheet of plastic tbh (or maybe I’m just salty about how much more I had to pay for a graded ver). Maybe I’ll get an ungraded one instead, eventually.

Not super hype to anyone else I’m sure but I love this card and figured an extra $10 from market price was worth having it in a display case. Awesome art from Atsuko, been one of my favorite arts for a while.

Not a zard collector but I pulled this one myself so I’m proud of it. It’s perfect so I’d like to grade it someday when the prices go down.
Leafeon V is super pretty. Got it locally for only $15, which is weird cus the same guy was selling stuff like the regular Flareon vmax for $20.

That’s all for now, might update every now and then.


Not to swoop in here the minute after you post, but I just happened to see it and I’ve recently started a houndour/houndoom collection myself! Nice cards, congrats on the skyridge win!


Thanks! Had a look at what you’ve got and it’s awesome, you make me wanna get more Hounds myself lol.


Awesome collection! I absolutely agree that Nishida Mightyena from Ruby and Sapphire is stunning! I think that may be my favorite card from that set. Again, awesome stuff!

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Not a particularly big fan of any of the dog pokemon, but love seeing unique collections and that Skyridge Houndoom is a beautiful card! :blush:


Yo! Collections with a theme, even if the cards are not that valuable, are always more intersting becuase heart went into them. The heart and soul that you put into getting these cards (Mad props on that Skyridge Houndoom, BTW) is clear here and really nice to see! :slight_smile:

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Tysm everyone!!

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So where is Growlithe and Arcanine sir, care to explain?

I think I’ve got a couple here and there, but none that are really worth sharing. Best I can do are these little guys