Mew8's Hounds n' more

Hi everyone decided to get a collection thread going. Being on this forum recently has made me realize my collection goals may be too scattered and takes some of the enjoyment out of it! I’m considering selling off some bigger ticket items and simplifying. But who knows! I’m sure I’ll still be spending way too much.

Let’s get it started! First a page that brings me great joy. Waiting on a cosmic eclipse pikachu coming soon. If anyone has recs on cards that fit the style I’m happy to hear em!

Next, trying to focus my collection on finishing some miscellaneous sets and hounds these days:

And yes I am going to chaotically place the cards anywhere in the page for now haha.


Well speak of the devil! Now I almost wish I’d gotten the japanese version though to match the silver border of Red’s Pikachu :confused:

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English is always a mistake

Now I want the japanese 001/S-P promo pikachu too…

Red’s Pikachu best Pikachu

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Nice collection! The Team Magma’s Houdoom holo is my favorite

Thanks! A nice one for sure. Love how many houndours are in that set too

I love your collection!

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Ok been a while (because I still haven’t found time to organize all my hounds), but I figured I’d log some of the previously completed ‘subsets’ of my collection. These are pretty basic fan favorites I’d say!

First up is my neo shinings. No introduction needed I assume. I do have a story about it though! I started collecting right on the border of the neo and ex sets I believe, so only really had a bunch of neo bulk. I did however, have a shining Gyarados. I had one other friend as a kid who was into Pokemon cards, so we hung out and looked at cards a bunch. One day after he left, I find my Gyara was missing! I had suspicions but never voiced them, whatever right? Well a year or so later, he actually came to me and confessed that he stole it, and I guess felt bad about it all this time. As penance, he offered his shining Charizard :zipper_mouth_face:

Anyway, it was pretty beat up so I’ve since replaced it with a mintier copy :grin:

Next one is my other set of ‘shinys’, COL SLs! Tbh I still don’t know what SL stands for and at this point am too afraid to ask. I opened a bit of hgss era but wasn’t really collecting seriously. These are just nice cards, and at the time I scooped em up, kind of underappreciated imo. Glad I finished them out way back when for cheap cheap.

If you’ve got ideas on what cards would look good in the last slot on each page, I’d love to hear it! Currently an ancient mew is in that spot on the neo page.


That Suicune is a really cool card! COL SLs are underrated for sure

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Shining wotc are really nice cards especially when all seen together.

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I don’t think there is an official explanation what the SL stands for, but if I had to guess it’s either Shiny Legends or Secret Legends (as in Secret Rare). Probably the first, since they’re all shiny Pokémon, and the sets are released during the HeartGold & SoulSilver era, which is the LEGEND era in Japanese.

Either way, cool to see the SL Shiny cards together with the Neo ones. WotC I see all the time in collections, but the SL Shiny Pokémon you don’t see too often. Great collection! :blush:



Thanks Quuador! Makes sense, my best guess was probably shiny legends or shining legends but the latter is an actual set now I guess haha

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