Yahoo this common?

I just received my 1st package from using YJ and was wondering how often are cards packaged like this? I am kind of angry because I spent quite a lot getting this (through buyee!!) and this was how the cards were packaged (inside a thin paper envelope…)

uh..................? spoiler\*\*

That is uhhh…wow

Did the Charizard already have that damage in the corners when you bought it?

The charizard (judging by the picture on YJ) looked flawless lol. But once I received it…different story up close. :confused: you win some you lose some I guess xD Still would have liked a top loader or something!

They package it the way that the seller sends it to them.
Basically they open the box and dump all of the contents into their boxes.
Or as you see into the envelope.

Yeah, Y!J sellers can either package things VERY well or extremely poor. It’s like the pictures for listings. Some people actually use modern cameras, or, if you’re lucky (I can’t remember the last time I saw it) the seller will SCAN the card! But most of the time, it’s just a crappy picture. The description will usually be “refrain from bid if worried about wear” with no actual qualifiers for the extent of the damage to the card. And back to shipping, you’re lucky if it comes in a toploader. Most of the time, it’s just in a sleeve. You’re unlucky if it is raw.

Nice find though!