Booster box from Amazon inferior packaging..

I bought an xy evolutions booster box from Amazon and it was sent like this:

No padding whatsoever inside the box… something in there to keep it from sliding around would have been nice… One corner has a little bit of smashness to it, hopefully not enough that it damaged any of the cards that are there! The outer box doesn’t have any gnarly dents, tears, or crushed in spots or anything so I dont think it saw too much mayhem on its way to me, so that’s promising.

I’m just curious, has a anyone else ever ordered a box off of Amazon before and had this same type of deal? Is it standard procedure?

Wish me luck so I get some sweet cards!

Most sellers are third party sellers, definitely not an official Amazon distributor. That is absolutely horrible lol, I read too many bad reviews on almost anything related on Pokemon via Amazon. Most things Pokemon are priced higher on Amazon in general. Read the seller’s feedback, maybe a good gouge or if they have no feedback… be okay.

It was actually from a really high rated gaming store, and fulfilled by Amazon whatever that means. It was 102 bucks. I have prime so it was free shipping, next day shipping too which was awesome! Ebay didnt have many
or actually any at all if I can remember, that were cheaper. But the next day shipping was worth it regardless. But anyway, I opened the packs on the corner that had slight damage and they were fine thankfully!