Thanks FedEx!

Snagged an absolute Gem 1st edition Lugia the other day. Centered great, not a single scratch, no silvering, not a spec of white on the back.

Sorry for the Garbage picture…

Arrived today in a bubble mailer INSIDE a box. Box was nice and dinged up with crushing all around.

Pulled the card out and this is what I get :sob: :sob: (hard to tell, but its creased/bent across that area)

Not sure if I should direct my anger at the seller for just placing it in a toploader in the padded envelop and letting it move all around or fedex for taking zero care with the box.

Oh well, RIP a perfect 1st edition Lugia, It totally would have not graded a 10 because of centering top to bottom, right guys? RIGHT? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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:slightly_frowning_face: I am sorry for your loss. Usually I am really glad to receive cards in boxes cause they tend to be a lot more resistant to damage during transit than simple envelopes, but this just goes to show that anything’s possible.

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Usually packages like that have insurance, you should be able to make a claim with FedEx and AT LEAST be reimbursed your purchase price from them.

That really sucks man, I’m sorry :sob:

Oh I am not worried about the money, i’m sure I will be fine. But finding a minty raw card like that can be hard, was really looking forward to getting it graded and adding it in my collection!


Oh man, this is horrible. That’s probably one of my favourite cards. I’ll be thinking of you throughout the evening :sob::sob::sob:

Wow that Box is really really messed up.

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It looks like there is a horizontal print line through the holo so it may not have actually graded a 10. Still sucks though, could you get the sender to claim the value back and refund you a bit?

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Yeah, he already put in a claim & i’ve been refunded. Print line would most likely drop it to a 9, oh well.

Are you saying the card came out of the top loader?

Nope, but it was in a rather large flat rate bubble mailer freely floating, it was still in the toploader when I pulled it out. A few layers of bubble wrap MIGHT have saved it, but the box was crushed in 2 or 3 places. I really don’t blame the seller, I would expect a card in a toploader, in a bubble mailer & box to be safe from that, it was FedEx’s negligence.

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this sucks donkey balls. thats why I put cards into the psa sleeve qwith thick cardboard, then into bubble mailer… then wrap the buble mailer in bubble wrap and then put it in the box … LUGIA

Contact FedEx, get your money back. Then lay lugia to rest in a hole in your backyard. Sorry for your loss

Right. I agree. The seller was spot on. Unusual to see such incompetence at fed ex,

That box looks like it was used as a Football.