XY8 ??? coming in September


We will see the continuation of the XY block with XY8 in September. Apparently it will come with some new mechanic that helps evolution decks.




Just saw this, I wouldn’t take the ‘Break Evolution’ too seriously. It could mean anything. Still interesting.

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A fair thought.

I felt let down by the “Spirit Link” hype. Still feel it could be a more strategic mechanic that elevates more deck archetypes to playability.

As someone stated on Facebook; probably a work-around for evolutions to print Abra & Alakazam!

They didn’t need a whole new mechanic to do that during the DP era though… ?_?

I’m gonna make a wild guess and say this will be the Zygarde set.
We know Zygarde has 2 unreleased moves programmed into the games. Likely for the different forms he’s going to get in the next game, be it a Z version or whatever they decide to go with.
I’m thinking the break evolution will have something to do with these 2 forms.

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That won’t happen. Hate to shut you down, cause I so want it, but if the set is coming out in September, we would need Pokemon Z or YZ/YZ to be announced a long time ago. Tidal Storm and Gaia Volcano came out about a month after the release of ORAS, so we would need the new games to be released in August to keep that one month gap between game and set. Seeing as it is already June, and we have heard not even a whisper of a new game (some speculation, but nothing substantial), it is nearly certain that XY8 will not be Zygarde-based. I’m hoping for XY10.

Ah dammit, very true. I was missing a huge piece of the prediction puzzle :sob:

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