XY7: Set Speculation/Wants?

Well, we know more or less what XY6 is going to be centered on. So, time to speculate on XY7! Personally I’m crossing my fingers for M Salamence EX. I think it’s due for an EX at least. What do you think about what XY7 will hold?

Rayquaza ex
Salamance ex
Deoxys ex
Latios/latias ex

Probably a set focused on Fairy type Pokemon (e.g. Mega Mawile EX or Mega Diancie EX).

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Booo! hiss!

Dragons! Lol jk

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This would be my favorite set!!!

fairy’s? azumarill ex<33

Clefairy, Clefable, Mr Mime, Wigglytuff and full art Mawile would be amazing

My reaction when I come back to check the thread and see that everyone wants a fairy set…

@pottsinator has the right idea.


The EXs are almost impossible to legitimately guess, the selection they make follows no pattern whatsoever.
With that said, I’d love to see a Milotic sooner rather than later, and M Sableye is a definite contender. I do also think we will be seeing a FA Sycamore in the next set or two, and it will be the sexiest full art to date.

TCPi seem to be pretty aware as to what cards are seeing competitive play when making their UR selections.
We’ll probably see something like VS seeker, Muscle Band, and Pyroar. Maybe one other random one. I don’t even care really, I’m still just stoked we got the old style or URs back :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha exactly! :laughing:

@salmoncannon There has been some pattern, more or less. XY and Flashfire were basically collector’s sets. They did pretty good with some cards but nothing to base whole decks off of, outside of Fairies. Then they did Furious Fists, which gave fighting decks insane power, maybe too insane, so they countered it with a psychic set. Manectric/M Manectric countered Yveltal, and the playable psychics/support made fighting less crazy. Assuming the ORAS sets are the same, XY5 and 6 are again collectors sets with nothing to base whole decks off of, and XY7 will be more focused on a single type.

Milotic EX Full Art…UR Milotic…be still my heart

Maybe the theme of the set can be loosely guessed, but the EXs themselves? If you guessed Emolga, Skarmory, Toxicroak and Magnezone then you have some serious special powers.

But hnnng yes ultra rare Milotic plssss

I want all eevee set so I can finally complete one tcg set. full art set of eeveelutions would be mind blowing.


Ah, but you forgot Shining Gyarados ex, FA Shining Gyarados, Shining Mega Gyarados, and FA Shining Mega Gyarados.

No but seriously, they had Milotic in the last one, they have to have the counterpart now. His terribleIhatetheMegaversionbutstillwantit beautiful Mega evolution still needs to be shown in card form.


FA M Gyarados


Tyranitar would be nice. Another one I’m hoping for is Nidoking but that might be included in XY6 already.

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BW3: Mewtwo
BW4: Darkrai
BW5: Rayquaza/Dragon(Introduced this Set)
BW6: W Kyurem/B Kyurem
BW7: Plasma
BW8: Deoxys/Thundurus
BW9: Genesect/Grass
XY1: Xerneas and Yveltal
XY2: Charizard
XY3: Fighting
XY4: Gengar
XY5: Kyogre/Groudon
XY6: Rayquaza

Sets are either promoted with a certain Pokemon(s) or with a type theme. You could argue that XY3 was more focused around Lucario, but during the promotion they were much more promo material heavy on it being Fighting, rather than Lucario as a singular.

I think XY7 is going to be another set promoted on a theme type. My spidey sense says it will be Dark. There are many options to fill out a Dark type set as far as EX/Megas are concerned. You have (M) Gyarados/Tyranitar who are strong Dark type Pokemon to lead.

I’d absolutely LOVE a Normal type theme for XY7 though.

Slaking EX
Snorlax EX
M Lopunny EX (Gotta please those Furry’s)
Arceus EX(The God of Pokemon didn’t get an EX during the B/W era)
Pidgeot/M Pidgeot EX

Such a strong pool of worthy Pokemon there.


I’m going to guess XY7 will be a single set with Ex’s of Mega Ampharos, M-Alakazam, + M-Gyarados. I feel like they are going to save the two Mewtwo Ex + a regular Suicune Ex until the final X+Y Set. Which will probably be XY13, lol! :blush:

But, the twist is I see them bringing Dark Pokemon back like in Team Rocket/TR Returns? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can we please have a legit shiny Gyarados card, not some HGSS crap, but like the old Gyarados *. THAT is an epic card.


I’m still waiting for M Aerodactyl or M Scizor cards.

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