What card would you have liked to of seen?

I’m not sure how well this thread will go but let’s see!

For me, I would have absolutely loved to see a ‘Shining Kingdra’ as part of the Neo Destiny shinings in their style. Kingdra is a nice looking Pokemon in my opinion and I think a shining version would have looked awesome!

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Shining Lapras
Crystal Onix
Gold Star Milotic

I could have this list go on forever, but these would have been incredibly erotic.


Mega Mewtwo X FA
Mega Mewtwo Y FA
Mega CharizardX FA
Mega CharizardY FA
Mega Blastoise FA
Mega Venusaur FA
Suicune FA
Pikachu FA
Raichu FA
Articuno FA
Zapdos FA
Red FA
Green FA
Blue FA
Yellow FA

And definitely agree with Crystal Onyx, Gold Ho-Oh wouldve been nice too

The gym badges wouldve been even better!

Which awesome Pokémon have never gotten an EX/Lv. X/Prime/Whatever?

Sableye, Shedinja, Ditto, Dugtrio…

I would have liked to see more/better choice of gold star cards.

Ho-Oh *
Lugia *
Deoxys *
Ninetales *
Sceptile *

Just to name a few…

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Pidgeot and Dugtrio exs

Shining lapras would be amazing!



Back to my point

-1st edition Gym Heros Mistys Blastoise
-1st edition Gym Heros Erikas Dragonite
-1st edition Gym Challenge Team rockets Aerodactyl
-1st edition Gym Challenge Blaines Flareon
-1st edition Neo Revelation Shining Nidoking


Gold Star Muk

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Get out.


As great set Neo Destiny is I’ve always felt Light Meganium would’ve been nice addition since
Typhlosion/Feraligatr had their Dark versions.

Nido family is way under-appreciated, I only wonder why Nidoking + Nidoqueen never got ex print during ex-series.

Gyarados EX + M Gyarados EX is last thing that comes in to my mind for now, hopefully we see them in some of future sets.


You will get the 2 Mega Mewtwo FAs, Pikachu FA exists already, so does Articuno FA.

Yeah but pikachu was printed in japanese only, and articuno wasnt given any justice on the artwork plus they ruined it even more with the plasma badge in there as well…

mega beedrill (FA)
a new remake base set with old school style FA
mega pidgeot (FA)
new set based on eeveelution (with full arts)
dunsparce ex
smeargle ex

well i do like that card a lot, sadly it’s not real :slightly_frowning_face:

x Shining Eevee
x Shining Glaceon
x Shining Vaporeon
x Shining Jolteon
x Shining Espeon
x Shining Flareon
x Shining Umbreon
x Shining Leafeon
x Shining Sylveon
x Pikachu Full Art
x Charmander Full Art
x Bulbasaur Full Art
x Squirtle Full Art


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Bascially for the old farts like me, anything really from the original 151:

  • A trio or articuno/moltres/zapdos gold star?
  • Exeggutor full art
  • Poliwrath full art
  • Dragonite gold star

They seem to have forgot about a lot of the old classics that made the TCG what it is today :slightly_frowning_face:


They have a Pikachu Full Art already :blush:

Ooooh. I want to see it. o: